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Prologue: Mia's Escape

Plot points/Scenes

  • Mia's slipping out of the compound and into the forest
  • Her escape discovered and beginnings of pursuit
  • Making it to Lapos
  • The strangeness of the city whilst in pursuit
  • The single stranger
  • Hiding in a dead end
  • The stranger lies
  • Mia's escape into the night



Needs to cover the concept of the cult of Lamia, magic, and the Creeping Forest giving way to the city.   The cult needs to be told through detail as Mia escapes. Magic through actions, as she possesses it while her pursuers do not. The city can be explained partially in her reactions as she would never have seen it before.


Mia wishes to be free. The cultists wish for her to stay.

Rising Action

Mia's quiet escape turns into a pursuit through the woods which in turn becomes a city chase.


Mia is faced with a choice of two directions, and picks right. This leads her into a dead end, and she has to huddle and attempt to hide even though it is futile if the cultists hot on her heels decide to look. They ask the stranger on the corner if they saw Mia. Said stranger points them left, and tells them to hurry. Mia is safe.


Mia slips out of the dead end and makes her way deeper into the city, safe for now, and ready to begin something new.



Mia wants to escape her situation and save her unborn child from becoming trapped in the same cycle she has been part of.


If Mia is caught, she will be returned to the compound and punished. Until her child is born she is likely safe, but afterwards they will have no need for her, and her life is on the line.





The Stranger.


Rosen and Lamar as the faces of her numerous pursuers.



The Compound of the Cult of Lamia.   The Creeping Forest.   The City of Lapos.
Plot type

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