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The little girl

During an exploration of the Masebent, the players meet a little girl wearing a mask. She explains that she was infected by The Black Blood but she was cured and survived to it. The players support the child, the time to get out of the slums of Masebent. But unfortunately, there are followed by Infectors when then they're passing a contaminated part of the undergrounds.   Players are faced with a dilemma because the more they advance the more enemies, but a fight with these creatures is too dangerous and would take a long time. But on the other hand, creatures begin to block their advance. While the fight seemed inevitable, a door opens with refugees inside. The player then escape certain death.   Six people are in this hiding place. They explain to the players that they have been blocked by The Black Blood gas and so they had to stay here. But when they see the child, they panic and chase the players out again in the contaminated area. They later notice that the Infectors do not really get close to them. They swarm well around but never they get closer to less than 20 meters. They ask the girl if she knows anything.
The child removes his mask and reveals his face. With his long blond hair, his eyes give him an innocent look but what shocks the players is the black mark that starts from his neck and runs through his face. In addition, players notice that the little one still has bite marks of his infection.
One of the players immediately takes into account what is really happening and reveals that if the Infectors do not attack them it is because the girl was bitten by a Horrific and she turns into one of her creatures.
  Players will have several choices but before the small offers to accompany them until the exit of the zone to at least be safe. Players accept and once at the door of the area, they turn to the child.
One of his eyes has turned black and pieces of skin are coming off his face. The girl, however, keeps her air of innocence and it is with tears in her eyes that she politely asks the players to put an end to her suffering.
Again, the players must choose and if they accede to his request, it is with regret that the girl is saved.


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