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Jahren: The Calling of the Champions

Plot points/Scenes

Reiya, a young farm girl, and her family attend the harvest festival in a nearby town. Fun and games are had. Lots of food is eaten. Reiya has a run in with a boy Jorde who has been trying to court her. She dismisses him and this angers him. The festivities continue until sundown, when most children are sent home. Reiya, being under 18, is forbidden to stay late with her older siblings, but when the time comes to leave with her mother and younger siblings, she sneaks away from her family and stays. She drinks and dances and generally has a good time until the Calling of the Champions. Every five years people can enter themselves to become Champions. Each major town/city in Jahren draws one name to become a Champions. These Champions are grouped and then must complete dangerous tasks. The group that succeeds and wins gains the rank of Royal Champions for the next five years.   While standing in the crowd, Reiya catches the eye of Jorde, who smirks at her. Then the name is drawn and it is Reiya.   Her father, surprised that Reiya is still at the festival gets angry and tries to take her home, but once the name is drawn there is no going back. Reiya is taken to the town hall. She is told that she will be able to say her goodbyes in the morning before being taken to the royal city of Graer. As she tries to fall asleep, Reiya thinks of how many Champions die during the trials and comes to the revelation that Jorde entered her as revenge, believing that she would die.



We are introduced to Reiya and learn of her home life, family and friends. Through Reiya's thoughts we learn of the harvest festival and the people of Jahren's idea of The Huntress. Through the dialogue of the Caller we learn about the Champions and the trials. We learn that Reiya is kind, naive, and sneaky.


Reiya conflicts with Jorde, who wishes to pursue her.

Rising Action

Reiya feels her father treats her as younger than she actually is and so stays to enjoy the night section of the harvest festival.


The Calling of the Champions, where Reiya's name is called.

Falling Action

Reiya's father is unable to get her out of the trials and she is taken to the town hall.


Reiya is in bed and thinking over her fate and what brought her there.



Reiya wants to enjoy the harvest festival and wishes to stay late with her older siblings.

Cruel Tricks

Jorde putting Reiya forward as a potential Champion, knowing that if her name is drawn that she would most likely die horribly, as revenge for refusing his pursuing her.



Reiya - A 17 year old farm girl from the south of Jahren


  • Reiya's sisters and brothers
  • Reiya's friends


Reiya's father - wants her to go home with the other children Jorde - is trying to pursue Reiya when she's not interested in him.



The town of Khael is a small town in the south of Jahren . Most of the festivities take place on the outskirts of town. There are many tents set up and the smell of hot food is in the air.
Plot type
Chapter: The Calling of the Champions
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