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The Missing - A Duology

When the sun and moon come together in a loving embrace and the shadows cover the Earth, you will be welcomed home

Plot points/Scenes

Book 1

Have you ever considered yourself normal? Ceres hadn't, and he had no desire to fit into societies tight little box of expectations either. To see the dead isn't considered normal but when you've seen them all your life, shadows that flicker for a split second against the backdrop of everyday living, you don't tend to care.

Yet as the solar eclipse draws closer, the shadows begin to walk among us and their whispers fill the air. Suddenly the line between weird and crazy starts to blur. As it reaches its crescendo, the whispers turn to screams and Ceres, among thousands of others are thrown into an event that has already taken more lives than anybody knows.

Waking up on a planet that is not his own, he must now fight for his life in a world that is already stained with blood. The shadows linger in his dreams, harbingers of a greater purpose.

They are The Missing and the means to an end has begun.

Book 2

Silver eyes and bloody hands, nightmares that cling to your skin long after you wake up screaming. Death an acrid taste on your tongue.

In the build-up to the solar eclipse, Alex experiences the worst nightmare he's ever had, one that shakes him down to the very core. Trying to brush it off as stress, he pushes himself to enjoy his weeklong vacation with friends. But unbeknownst to him, it is the start of something bigger.

As the sun and moon meet Alex and his friends awake to the dawn of an unknown planet. Man-eating beasts stalk the shadows but it isn't them you should fear. Peace is a fragile concept, history bloated with war and chaos. Gangs roam the lands, murder a game to enjoy. Yes, this world is beautiful. Beautifully merciless.

For hundreds of years The Missing have searched for a way home and now the time is near. The door awaits to be opened and Alex may be the key to a long-awaited solution. Yet the nightmares claw on what little stability he has and choices weigh heavy on his back.

Yes, the world is beautiful they say, standing like gods watching from above.

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