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The Trewartha Legacy

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Nailed to the message board in the main square of Castle Dinhurst. It reads "Strange lights have been seen in the ruin near Crest. They've reported odd noises, as well. Recommend to locals; stay away. Any who are able-bodied are encouraged to speak to the Senechal to aid in the investigation. (has official seal)

The History of Trewartha

(The aged, cracking vellum has swirling script in faded brown ink)   The Trewartha family was an old one, able to trace their lineage to before the days of Balonnor. Their members were known for their love of history and exploration, and the frequent conjurers born to them, which was uncommon among the noble houses of Balonnor.   In the year 237 AF, Kenwyn Trewartha was made head of the Trewartha family. Like many others of his family, Kenwyn was a lover of the unknown, the hidden, and the lost. He led many expeditions into the Black Rocks, the jungles of Sojun, and the sweeping deserts of Lumai. No expense was spared and when he returned, it was to furnish his ancestral castle with the wonders of the Arcane Age. Objects of curiosity which gave off faint light with no apparent source or which sang long forgotten lullabies though they had no mouth or instrument.   Kenwyn fathered at least twelve children, many of which showed great magical aptitude. Through his efforts and excursions the already wealthy territory of the Trewartha became one of the richest in all Balonnor.   Then came the Succession War in 270 AF. This war would be the deciding conflict for whether Balonnor would be ruled by a King or a Queen. Both sides of this war sent exceptional gifts of gold and fine materials to sway the Trewartha to their side. Though quite old at this point, Kenwyn was as independent and stubborn as ever. He refused all bribes and rebuked all threats.   The wealth and resources of the Trewartha territory were too great for either side to ignore. The castle was surrounded and besieged. The children of Kenwyn had been married to many other nobles and foreign dignitaries, however, and they came with their armies to break the siege. They pushed through the lines of both armies, bringing food and weapons into the castle and killing many soldiers on their way.   After several more months of siege, the armies broke through into the lower city and the courtyard. In a last act of defiance, Kenwyn Trewartha set fires in the courts and vaults of his castle, collapsing the center which took large portions of the invading armies with it.   In the vaults, the survivors were faced with another threat. A creature, some say a demon or beast brought from some distant shore, ravaged them with claws of steel. In desperation, the sieging armies collapsed what was left of the courtyard to kill the creature.   If there were surviving members of the Trewartha family, they fled the castle and were not seen again. The castle was abandoned and the resources of the family were split between the victorious armies.   (from this point the manuscript become illegible)


  This note is found on the body of a bandit who had made camp near the ruins. He and his fellows are already dead before any official soldiers or agents arrived.  
V.   Take your team to the ruins of Trewartha. Hire some local thugs for labor and security, and dig. You have until the end of summer to find the chambers that should be beneath the ruined castle. In the vaults you will find six silver rods and the device. Once you have it, bring it to me at once. Leave no witnesses, you know what is to be done.   Do not harass the locals of Crest, make sure to keep people away at all costs. The country folk there are superstitious so light colored lanterns in the windows of the ruin and make it seem haunted. In a fortnight I will have a conjurer sent to you to aid in this endeavor.   Be quick but discreet.   (The note is signed with a sigil of a lit candle)
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