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Private Session (Reign): Fairylights

REIGN searches for information about the decaying forests

Reign is in search for information about what is happening to the decaying forests of the world, and the upset it is causing. A recent clue (from Halfhill halfling Alyssa Bophin) has lead her to the country of Nagrein, which is slowly being eaten up by swamps and marshes. Whatever is happening there must have something to do with what is going on elsewhere.




Reign arrived in the docks of the small village of Hwenlow in the afternoon, having bought her way onto a boat from Skegness. Finding no clues in the town, she quickly found her way north to the areas farmlands.   The Hillblood farmer Rathbar had more information: waters in the area were rising slowly, which was good for the fields, yielding more harvest. It had also caused an increase in flies in the area. He also told her to look for Carac Labingi, a young man who spends a lot of his time in the swamps, for more information. Before leaving, he asked Reign to "bless his fields" (a common misbelief that Feylings crossing your land causes more harvest and good fortune), which she did.   Carac's house by the docks was empty, but signs led to him having left home earlier that day.  

The swamps of Leagough River

She went into the swamps and quickly found signs of his passing. She followed his tracks, coming across small glowing lights in the distance. Floating on the water, small green dots were glowing as they hung suspended in the water. Reign continued followin the footsteps instead, as they grew more and more reckless and appearant, before realising she had been walked in a circle.   Hearing something in the underbush, Reign used her druidic powers to trick whatever it was into moving, so she could catch them. But a reckless use of wind in the otherwise still swamp put her in the position of the one being stalked. And that's how she met Carac.   While disbelieving and suspicious at first, Carac soon took down his walls when he realised Reign was looking for the reason for the spread of the swamp as well. Telling him of the light she had seen, Carac quickly had her take him to them. They followed the trail until they came across a small pond, where the marbles seemingly came from.  

The marbles' origin

Reign spotted marbles coming to the surface, and Carac went into the water to investigate, being careful not to touch the marbles. And between one step and the next, he sunk into the water. Quickly coming to the surface, he seemed to have found the hole the marbles came from, located close to an overturned tree.   Reign picked up one of the marbles without touching it with her skin, and took it far away from the pond before dropping it into the water. As she did, it stopped glowing, and sank. Picking it up, she found it had a symbol on it: a circle with a dot in the centre, and a squiggly vertical line across the circle. Going back to the pond, she tried the same thing, but at a different location. The same thing happened.   Believing the answers to be in the symbol, Reign headed back into town, leaving Carac to further investigate the pond.  

Back in Hwenlow

Arriving in the dead of night, she found her way to the village's church, where she was greeted by the town's cleric, whom she showed the marble and symbol to.   The cleric, disbelieving in Carac's tales of glowing lights but now believing, revealed it to be Acolyte's Gold, a sort of gem often used in cults to infuse a shrine with power. The gem glows as the power is infused, but stops if taken away from its shrine. Why they had surfaced in the swamp and how, she did not know. Nor did she know anything about the symbol. Reign's best bet would be to travel to Sudlem, the capital of Nagrein, and find someone who knew more there.   Spending the night at the church, Reign made a make-shift bracelet for one of the marbles, so she could easily see if it started glowing, but still keeping it from her skin. Then, she set off.  

At the gates of Sudlem

Four days later, she arrived at the gates of the bustling city of Sudlem, intent on finding someone who could tell her about the symbol.



Reign (Rain Fall/Dew)
Plot type
One-on-One Session
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Rathbar - middle-aged farmed dwarrow man
Carac Labingi - young gnome man, "master" of the swamps  


Hwenlow (Nagrein, Apattla)
Swamp west of Hwenlow

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