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Quest: Hangman's Tree



Characters get a quest from one of the settlements.
For some reason, more and more people have been missing.
  The elder of the settlement comes out to ask the characters for help and explains the situation.


The same night our characters have arrived or taken on the quest, someone goes missing.
They have to find them while the trail is still fresh.
The traces of struggle and dragging of the body lead to the nearby forest of dead trees.

Rising Action

The characters follow the traces to the nest of the Redcaps.
The Redcaps are wide awake.
Characters could sneak by them or attack them.
There are some drained corpses in the nest.
However, there is no missing villager inside.   The tracks of the Redcaps lead into one direction - farther into the thicket.
When characters go there, they start to notice bodies hanging from the branches of the trees, all drained of all their juices.
There are even some bodies of the Redcaps and other monsters.
One of them still struggles to breathe.
It's the missing person.
The characters still have the time to save them.


The moment the characters touch the missing villager (or their body), the ground begins to shake.
Something roars.
The giant tree starts to move as it reveals its real nature - that of the Hangman's Tree.
The fight begins.
The tree uses its branches and roots to try to grab the characters.

Falling Action

The defeated monster starts to burn and flail its branches.
If the characters are not careful enough it could catch or pierce one of them or the saved villager.


If the characters succeed in both defeating the Hangman's Tree and saving the villager, they will be welcomed as heroes and generously rewarded.
If they only defeat the monster, they still will be rewarded, but not as much.   In both cases, they can count on the free accommodation for a few nights.


Red Herrings

The Redcaps were not the main culprit of the disappearances, however they kidnapped some of the victims to appease the monster.



  • Villagers


  • Possible monsters in the forest
  • Redcaps
  • Hangman's Tree



  • Investigation
  • Pursuit
  • Combat / Engagement
Plot type
Scene: Hangman Tree

Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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