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Heaven's Lover: Fortify The Land

"I choose you to be my avatar, to carry out my wish. Seed the next generation, and put some hope in those heroines. Their stories aren't over."
— Carina speaking to her avatar.

Plot points/Scenes

There are eight paths, one for each suitor before reuniting in a common path that continues to the end.


Free will.
Love: romantic, sorority, and familial.



The First Outsider is on a bus ride to Luoyang, with a driver constantly telling him to buy a return ticket because the city is full of villains now. He ignores the warning and has a prophetic dream advising him on what to do.


The First Outsider has a rough start settling into town because he is a complete stranger and not a fully fledged splendoro, but his senior manager takes him under her wing until he gets up the career ladder.

He also meets a former failed heroine and listens to her story, offering her a place to stay.

Rising Action

The First Outsider romances all sorts of women, and invites them to live under his roof. Now he has to deal with all their flaws, and see the good each heroine has in them.



Marty initially just wanted to be an apprentice to a great hero.

When he finds out all his idols have retired due to bad public opinions, he has to inspire them to get back into action, so that he has someone to learn from in the first place.


A divine blessing from Carina compels Marty to romance every heroine he meets, if they are into men.


If Marty fails to inspire the heroines, Luoyang will still be overrun by villains and the heroines might even be forced to work for them instead.

At this point, literally nobody will ever feel like recovering Phoebe's heart, so they will spend time screwing and waffling about until they go extinct from ignoring their duty to multiply.

Moral Quandaries

Marty still has his will to choose, but he is surrounded by peer pressure and indirect propaganda to just give in to the hedonistic fun of the villains. Whether he loses his way or not is up to the player to decide.

Red Herrings

Some of the women Marty meets are not among his suitors, even though they express civility and potential attraction towards him.

One such example is Melissa, a senior manager at Hong Kong Bank. She simply isn't interested beyond a professional relationship.



The First Outsider, who is named Marty Connor by default.


Carina Feng, the goddess who gave Marty the power to romance anyone he has mutual attraction to.

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