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Trouble Near Duford

A town suffers from a war skirting their borders


  • War can leave many people vulnerable to the predatory acts of opportunists, such as bandits and orcs attacking travelers.
  • People with good intentions can change situations for the better, but it takes tangible actions to match what is in their hearts.



Situated in the midpoint of the main road to Aldeville from the Grandian border, Duford had been a prospering town until the escalation of war between the neighboring states. The recent expansion of House Rysmarck’s holdings led to battles taking place in the surrounding areas, and Duford’s former lords has fled their own lands. The only reason Duford remains an effectively neutral settlement is due to the Order of Avalon’s objection to the legitimacy of the battles taking place near Grandia's border. The roads have become hazardous with bandits and roaming orcs. As of now, trade continues to trickle into the town, but defense and security have since been whittled away by a lack of capital, leaving a mainly ineffectual town guard.


Duford is a troubled town suffering from its proximity to warring powers. Bandits and orcs regularly threaten the roadways leading to and from the town. The absence of Duford's previous lords have left the town government ineffectual and its militia, disorganized and ill-equipped. However, the presence of monsters related to the Scourge near the Lifurion mines prove to be the greatest threat to area's safety.



  • Bandits prowl the roads to and fro Duford at night, typically traveling in groups of three to four. The roads east of Duford have been notorious for attacks on resting travelers over the night.
  • Further north and west, bands of orcs roam abandoned roads and wooded areas, looking to pick out lone travelers.
  • Strange monsters have appeared in the Lifurion mines to the west of town.
Plot type
Campaign Arc: Trouble in Duford
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