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Broken Chains

In the Worldrend, wild magic tore our world apart. Not all survived the destruction of Terra Arcana - not because the gods failed to save them, but because of what would happen upon their arrival. War sundered the land, splitting earth and forging new rivers of icy waters or white-hot lava, and some were caught in the terrifying grasp of the elements. Others landed upon the battlefield and were forced to choose their sides, tearfully battling against foes they knew nothing about.   The unluckiest were those captured for the magic they had been exposed to. Knowing that these individuals bore some level of protection from the energy, demons and other foul creatures of the Forgotten God sought them out to corrupt and use as weapons to spread their own twisted powers across the world. They became slaves, even long after the wars were concluded; when the gods left, their armies followed. At this point, most had already become mindless creatures doomed to follow their masters - so none protested when the surviving dark armies stole their enslaved mortals away with them.   However, one demon did not successfully manage to leave the planet. In the corrupted land of Tenaerul lies the demon's twisted lair, and within it rots one of the few still-surviving slaves of the Worldrend. Though the land beyond the barrier bears no similarity to that which she knew, Liruve Celarin has managed to maintain both her life and sanity in the face of all odds.   And in the year 5623, she has finally done the impossible - she has broken her chains.   This is a rough draft of a story and game idea. It is not final, by any means, and is very vague.


Corruption VS purity should be represented through the language used in describing the trees, creatures, landscapes and even Liruve herself - "pale flesh tainted by the slow spread of the Abyss", for instance. Light VS dark: always looking to escape, to reach the barrier and break into what's beyond. Tenaerul is a dark wasteland of corruption, so if there's light, it usually means something (or is a trick). Morality: with what she's done, what is good or evil any longer?



Cover the intro of who Liruve is, what she's spent the last five thousand and six hundred years doing, and what her master - the demon Akvarizan - has been up to. This, basically, comes out to "REALLY EVIL SHIT".   Ex: "Liruve tugged, for what felt like the trillionth time, at the chains binding her wrists. The cuffs dug in, but the marks were unnoticeable against the rough scars marring her once-pure skin. She could remember most of them. The most faint, she'd earnt trying to flee - back before the barrier had sealed Akvarizan in with her. Oh, she'd been such an optimist. She'd even dreamt of seeing her family. Now, though? Now there was no way for her to tell just how long she'd been locked away. The sky was a blur of purple smog; the stars were not for her eyes to see, if her eyes even functioned like they once had. Perhaps one day she'd know freedom, but it wasn't--   The chains clicked open. She stared. This... this was new."


Akvarizan is hunting down his slave, of course. He wants her back. She's his. Has been for millennia. He's been working on spreading corruption so thoroughly through her that she can never be anything else but his.   So, as Liruve tries to flee through the monster-filled ruins and forests of Tenaerul, she must be fast - else he'll catch up.

Rising Action

The barrier seems so very close, and is beginning to spark out - something's not right about that, but she doesn't have time to worry about it. Akvarizan is almost at her heels, and she must get out now. This is her only chance.


He catches her. Of course he catches her. At the barrier's edge, her makeshift stave - the only way she's been able to hide, as it forms a perfect channel for her magic - becomes something for him to grab onto and drag her back in with. Cue monologue about how she'll never get away as he snaps it before her eyes.

Falling Action

Liruve will never again be his slave, and after a struggle between them, sacrifices her life to slay them both - by angering Akvarizan to the point of murder, and allowing his weapon to find its sheathe in her as she embeds her own (the sharp remnants of her stave) in his heart, forcing enough power through it that he has no chance at survival. Mortally wounded and drained of power, she begins to fall to the ground - free, in a sense. But it is at this moment that the barrier goes down for long enough that clean hands, pure hands, slender and welcoming, are able to grab her arms and pull her through - to safety.


Now in the care of Celesthem Temple, the unconscious Liruve is treated for her wounds. The barrier has been restored, but the actions of theHigh Priestess, Aetha Tinuval, are being questioned.   Will Liruve find peace, or will her tortured and corrupted appearance result in her exile from this place of holy worship..?
Liruve Celarin
Plot type
Act 1: Escape


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