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Journey to the Gilded Mountains and Eeavarin's Forge

Walking across the salty deck of Clementine's ship, Valdir still couldn't get the image of Keldrin out of his head. How he walked into his room and discovered the world's creepiest candle, a lead-lined skull with a candle stuck into its hollowed out brain pain. How the moment he saw it black smoke began to pour out of it, chocking the room with a sickening cold. Then a black void, empty and cold, and then he appeared. Keldrin, the god of the dead. He'd never been so scared in his life, of course, he tried to make a joke but it barely came out as a squeak. It's not every day a god visits you and offers you riches, all you had to do was betray your friends and give over the veil. You said no, oh man you told a god no. Ugh, it still gave him the shivers.   He walked back and forth across the deck trying to clear his head, trying to forget the unfortunate meeting. He suddenly felt a tapping against his foot. "What the fu..." his body froze as he peered downward. A skull, lined with lead, tapping gently against his foot beginning to pour smoke from its insides.   "No, no, no, no, NO!, " he screamed in a panic. It only took a brief moment, in an instant, without thinking he snapped up the skull and tossed it as far off the side of the boat as he could. Off into the deep black expanse of the ocean. "Oh god...Guys! Guys!!, " he ran panicked below deck, to warn his friends of the coming danger he knew would be right behind them.



The goals of the characters, Knox, Valdir, Ox, and Lacey was initially to fulfil a contract given to them by the Thieves Guild. Which included the theft of the Veil of the Golden Pass and the delivery of it to a Sumner Paladin named Muir Diab. In exchange, they would reserve a large chunk of the payment that was promised, by Diab, to the Thieves Guild.   However, while these goals would remain an important driving factor for the characters their goals would broaden to include Knox's deserve to return to Veil to Eeavarin once the goddess started speaking to him. Knox also developed a connection with the sentience that lived within the veil, so he began seeking options in order to retain that connection upon returning the veil to Eeavarin.   The group also needed to return the veil for another more pressing matter. Keldrin, the god of the dead, had his sights on the veil and wanted it for his own purposes. In order to keep it out of his clutches, the party would need to evade/survive his attacks and get the veil beyond his grasp and back into the realm of gods.



A crew of thieves working for the Roseport Thieves Guild.   Knox Stitcher - Having only been in Roseport for under a year Knox seeks higher status and wealth within the city. By night he is a notorious thief breaking into the abodes of anyone he deems has something of worth. By day he is a wealthy capital investor named Osler Van Ros, investing his ill-gotten funds into real estate and floundering business, hoping to expand his status within the city by owning real estate and hob-knobbing with the rich and famous.   Lacey Larcoga Fentina - One of the head researchers and most respected members of the Roseport Central Library staff, Lacey secretly hides a life as one of the Thieves Guild top agents. Having previous interactions and the blossoming of a new romance with Knox Stitcher she is chosen to accompany the rest of the group in order to ensure they complete the job properly.   Valdir Fendir - Another new import to Roseport, Valdir is looking to establish himself amongst the thieves of Roseport and gain more influence amongst them and within the Thieves Guild in the hopes that he may commandeer it for his own one day. The lure of a big payday is too much for Valdir to let down accepting the Veil job, but with a healthy dose of scepticism.   Ox Ford - A new member of the Roseport Thieves Guild, and hobbyist jeweller, Ox is given the assignment by Thieves Guild leader Flora Jezelbit as a way to prove his worth to the guild. Flora sees potentially in the new recruit and has high hopes for his future in the guild.


Roseport Thieves Guild - The organization that order the theft of The Veil of the Golden Pass, though Knox was secretly planning to steal it anyway, and is itching to sell it off to a wealthy paladin to the capital. Though not an active part of the journey they do provide the party with additional resources including a ship to travel north upon and an enticing promise of gold upon return.   Eeavarin - The goddess of the earth, mountains, and forge. The Ever Lit Forge and Unwavering Hammer. She has the ear of Knox Stitcher and has a direct connection with him because he posses the Veil and has made a connection with it, proving his worth to the goddess. Though she does not provide direct assisting she does have a vested interest in the group and may direct them on occasion.


Muir Diab - A Paladin, sworn to serve the court of Sumner and the King of Heldrin, who has travelled to the cold resort village of Culdaer in order to meet with the party and trade for the veil. His desire and intended use for the veil is unknown.   Knights of Sumner, Sworn to serve Diab - Four knights that serve under Diab, they have travelled with him to Culdaer to provide him additional support an defence if needed. They are; Deo Trenton, an experienced older knight who has been serving under Diab for years, Nect Refrain, a half-orc knight with a bit of a temper but nevertheless loyal, Francis Glaive, a half-elf knight, quiet tempered but fierce in battle, and Timothy Deckler, a young knight new to Diab's entourage eager to prove himself.


Keldrin - The god of the dead and The One True Unfallen. Seeking the Veil of the Golden Pass for his own purposes he chases the party throughout their journey, hounding them at every chance. Keldrin is limited in his ability to be present on the realm of Fyria so he instead sends his Unfallen Heralds after the party.



Roseport, a city thriving with unscrupulous thieves, a busy harbour front bustling with trade, and a holiday ball in a large theatre filled with the sounds of joyous dancing and the hob-knobbing of elites. A thief eyeing a golden treasure.   A meeting in a secret room in a vast manor plans to steal the veil are hatching huddles over a large table lit by candlelight.   Sneaking down the dusty stone of a long forgotten hallway in the ancient museum where the veil is kept.   The rocking of a boat, the spray of a salty ocean, a journey north to the cold air of Aldelgis.   On foot, travelling through the snow-blanketed forests of Aldelgis closing in on the steep peaks of Culdaer and the towering ranges of the Gilded Mountains.   A quaint resort town, filled with happy guests and excited hikers. A tense conversation in a cozy inn between two groups with vastly different intentions.   Climbing up the dangerous peaks of the Gilded Mountains, delving into dark caverns dripping with cold moisture.   Discovering forgotten forge filled with the spirits of the long past dwarves who once stoked their flames.   And a temple, small and unassuming, a gateway to the realm of gods.


  1. A Holiday Ball and a Golden Veil   2. Planning a Heist   3. Theft of an Artifact   4. Words of Eeavarin   5. Setting out on Captain Clementine's Ship   6. The Lead Skull, Keldrin Appears   7. Journey across Aldelgis   8. Paladin Muir Diab and The Knights of Sumner   9. The Gilded Mountains   10. A Forgotten Forge   11. Keldrin and the Unfallen Beast   12. Eeavarin's Forge   13. Return to Roseport


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