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Scene 1: Crippled Vessel

Written by SirElghinn

The party will start the campaign asleep in their cramped rooms aboard the Anellas. During the previous night, sudden gale force winds descended upon the ship and caused damage to the ship's rigging and sails. The only sail left intact is the mainsail, all others have been torn or completely lost. As a result, the attaching yards and rigging had also been damage when the sails were torn from the ship, crashing to the ship's deck and splintering into pieces.
While not obvious to most, this is considered extremely perilous for the crew. The winds in the southern Onnicia Ocean blow in a southerly direction, and due to being crippled with one sail, they must aim for land immediately or run the risk of overshooting the Peninsula of Laskea and ending up unable to make landfall afterwards. They would be unable to effectively rig for close or beam reaching towards land without having enough sail to push the vessel, and could wind up adrift.
Captain Enwen Adrel intends on aiming for the Laskean coast and making port at the next available stop, which according to her navigator would be the fishing village of Hirane. There, the ship will have to undergo repairs before continuing its journey to Sestatrea.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Scene 1: Waking up the passengers - Laise Zinfi will go room to room and wake the passengers (player characters), notifying them that the Captain would like to address them together in the wardroom over breakfast.
  • Scene 2: Captain informs the passengers - The passengers will assemble in the wardroom waiting for the Captain. Laise Zinfi will serve breakfast of ham, cheese, and some dried figs. Use this opportunity for the player characters to introduce themselves to one another and/or interact and establish some personality. After a few moments, the Captain Enwen Adrel will enter, and inform the passengers that they will be unable to reach Sestatrea due to the damage they sustained the previous evening. She intends to make it to the port town of Hirane in northwestern Laskea, and hopefully initiate repairs. While in town, Enwen will ask that the passengers put to shore to make room on-board the ship for workspace that will be needed. For those individuals who gained passage through an arrangement (such as work for passage), she will release them from their requirement (all players except Celindriel). The captain estimates it'll take them about 2 to 3 hours before making landfall, and she asks that they use that time to pack their belongings and prepare to disembark. Enwen will ask if there are any questions, and she will try to answer them to the best of her abilities. When it looks as if the conversation is petering out, Enwen's first mate Rodrel Sask will enter the wardroom and inform the Captain that she is needed on deck. She will excuse herself, and leave the party to finish their breakfast.
  • Scene 3: Arrival - There are two docks in Hirane. The northern dock is the smaller of the two, and used for small fishing boats. The southern dock is longer with a jetty at the end. The Anellas will dock in the southern-most mooring on the jetty. Across the jetty from the Anellas will be another Caravel that is docked called the Waterwitch . The jetty itself is raised approximately 6 feet off the water, and a ramp leads down onto the dock getting closer to the water where several fishing boats are lashed. The Anellas will make dock as follows:
    • The Anellas will enter the harbor from the south and makes for the southern dock. Captain Enwen will inform First mate Rodrel Sask to “prepare for harbor maneuvers”. At this time, First Mate Rodrel Sask will order “standby for harbor maneuvers” and Captain Enwen will take the helm by relieving Khadem Brin who stands nearby to shadow her. The Boatswain Arnogak Gulatar will sound the deck bell, bringing all men up on deck. As the men finish lining up on the main deck, Arnogak will turn as shout “ready!” to Rodrel, who has moved to the forward edge of the quarterdeck. Rodrel then informs the Captain “Preparations for harbor maneuvers made, Captain”, to which she’ll simply reply “Thank you”. She’ll command Rodrel to “Prepare to strike mainsail.” Rodrel will shout the command to Arnogak, who repeats the command “Prepare to strike the mainsail, aye!” Arnogak will order the crew to "Man the main tack and sheet", at which point the crew will scurry up the shrouds and position themselves along the mainsail yard as Arnogak stands on deck directing them. Rodrel will inform the Captain “Mainsail strike preparations underway, Captain”. She follows up these announcements always with a “Thank you”. As the crew fall into position, they will each yell out “Ready!”. Arnogak will order the men to “Lay down on the main yard to overhaul the rigging”. Once the final man calls out “ready”, Arnogak will order them to “Man the main clew-garnets and buntlines!”. Once the final man calls out “manned!”, Arnogak will give a wave to Rodrel who then informs the Captain “Ready to strike mainsail, Captain”. Luckily, the tide is coming in with a southerly wind occurring, carrying the Anellas towards the dock. As the ship gets within 200 feet of the dock, Captain Enwen announces “Strike mainsail”, Rodrel yells the command to Arnogak, who then yells to the crew “Haul taut! UP MAINSAIL!”. Once the sail is secured, Arnogak waves to Rodrel, who reports “Mainsail furled, Captain”. She then orders to “Moor ship”. Rodrel relays the command to Arnogak, who gives orders to a deckhand on the bow to "Ready the longlines". As the ship slowly comes to a halt as it nears the dock, Arnogak gives the command to “cast lines”, and a deckhand tosses a line to a dockworker and then throws a longline attached to the stern to the dockworker. The bowline is made to hold fast to a bollard on the dock, while the dockworker walks the longline to a bollard on further in on the dock. Once secured, the crew of the Anellas begin to haul the aft longline, swinging the stern of the ship parallel to the jetty mooring. As the men haul the aft longline, the men on the bow slowly haul the bowline, slowly bringing the ship alongside the mooring with the stern towards shore. As they approach, more lines are tossed as dockworkers secure them to bollards.
  • As the crew of the Anellas make the ship fast, a ramp will be lowered and the passengers will be allowed to disembark. As they begin to leave, Captain Enwen will ask if they could do her a favor and see if anyone in town might be interested in purchasing some of her cargo of dried figs from Bhaevor. She'd like to recover some of the money she has in her cargo to help offset the cost of repairs while in town. She doesn't need the party to "sell" the figs for her, merely see if anyone might be interested and direct them to her. She offers the party 5 gp if they can generate interest on her behalf. Aside from that, she warns the party not to cause trouble, as the ship could theoretically be subject to search since they arrived on board.




Docking Dialogue

  Captain (to Rodrel): "Prepare for harbor maneuvers."   Rodrel (shouts to Arnogak): "Prepare for harbor maneuvers!"   Arnogak: (sounds deck bell. After all men line up on deck...) "READY!"   Rodrel (to the Captain): "Preparations for harbor maneuvers made, Captain."   Captain (to Rodrel): "Thank you. Prepare to strike mainsail."   Rodrel (shouts to Arnogak): "Prepare to strike mainsail!"   Arnogak: "Prepare to strike mainsail, aye!" (shouts to the crew) "Man the main tack and sheet!"   Rodrel (to Captain): "Mainsail strike preparations underway, Captain."   Captain (to Rodrel): "Thank you."   Crew (shouts to Arnogak): "Ready!"   Arnogak: "Man the main clew-garnets and buntlines!"   Crew (once positioned, shouts in response): "Manned!" (Arnogak will wave to Rodrel)   Rodrel (to Captain): Ready to strike mainsail, Captain."   Captain (after ship closes range): "Strike mainsail!"   Rodrel (shouts to Arnogak): Strike mainsail!"   Arnogak (shouts to crew): "Haul taut! UP MAINSAIL!"   Arnogak (once sail furled, waves to Rodrel)   Rodrel (to Captain): "Mainsail furled, Captain."   Captain (in response): "Thank you. Moor ship."   Rodrel (to Arnogak): "Moor ship!"   Arnogak (shouts to crew): "Ready the longlines!"   Arnogak (to crew once close to dock): "Cast lines!"

Cover image: Village Harbor by Donglu Yu


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Jul 4, 2018 21:03 by Matthieu A.

That's a dynamic start for the players! Will you host this campaign IRL or by post ?

Jul 4, 2018 21:08 by SirElghinn

This campaign has already started, and I play IRL with my friends. We'll be playing our 7th session tomorrow night. You can read more about our sessions by reading the session reports under the Arc 1 Player Jounral. The sessions are listed in the TOC on the left side of the page. Each session is audio recorded as well, and the audio is available on the reports. Enjoy!

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Oh they are indeed lol. Should read through some of the session reports, they have certainly made an impression on the town.