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Laise Zinfi

Written by SirElghinn

Laise Zinfi is the ever-cordial and polite ship steward of the Anellas. Where Enwen Adrel is the Captain of the Anellas, Laise Zinfi could be considered more the mother of the ship and crew. Her small gnomish figure can be seen darting about the ship fulfilling certain duties that most would take for granted, such as tidying up the crew's living space, the captain's quarters, the wardroom, as well as assisting the cook with supplies and providing the crew with snacks and drink throughout their day.
Laise Zinfi always seems to have a smile on her face, and exudes a feeling of genuine heartfelt sincerity when addressing others. She also tends to any passenger that has booked passage aboard the Anellas, and takes on the role of a generous host, wanting to fulfill the requirements of her guests -- within reason. She won't hesitate to tell unreasonable passenger what they can do with their over-needy suggestions and requests; and for those more forceful in their requests have found her to be quite handy with a knife as well.
All that is known (by the crew) of her past is that she is originally from the town of Swifthill in Lyetia. Exactly how she ended up in Captain Enwen's employ is unknown. When asked, she just gives a sly smile and merely says that "What's in the past is in the past...we must always look to the future and new beginnings."
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ship Steward
Year of Birth
2049 223 Years old
Current Residence
Ruby Red
Short Blond with Pink Highlights
3' 2"
38 lbs
Aligned Organization
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