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Crew of the Anellas

Written by SirElghinn

The Anellas is a Caravel outfitted as a merchant vessel captained by the Wood Elf Enwen Adrel. The Anellas was built in the port of Valmere in the year 2268, commissioned by Captain Enwen after having established a commodities trading route from The Emerald Basin nations to those of western Abios.
'The Lass', as she's affectionately called by her Captain and Crew, is a common sight to sailors traversing the Emerald Sea, as well as those traveling the Perfumed Tides and the Sleeping Sea.

The Crew

The Anellas has a compliment of 18 crew members, and room for 4 passengers. The crew is broken down (in order of heirarchy) as follows:
Enwen Adrel (Female Wood Elf)
First Mate
Rodrel Sask (Human Male)
Khadem Brin (Male Half-Elf)
Morseth Teldrar (Male Dragonborn)
Arnogak Gulatar (Male Half-Orc)
Sharian Chaebanise (Male Wood Elf)
Ship Steward
Laise Zinfi (Female Gnome)
Sastruth Platebuckle (Male Dwarf)
10 in total (All Human)

Crew Roles

  • Captain: The role of captain on the Anellas is commander, legal superior and chief navigation officer. She is also the freight agent, and is responsible to take decisions about what to load and what to pay for it. She is directly involved in any decisions about navigation and routes.
  • First Mate: The First Mate is the officer ranking next below the captain, and typically assists the captain in ship operations and following her orders.
  • Helmsman: A helmsman is the person who steers the ship. The person at the helm is usually an able seaman, particularly during ship arrivals, departures, and while maneuvering in restricted waters or other conditions requiring precise steering. An ordinary seaman is commonly restricted to steering in open waters.
    A professional helmsman maintains a steady course, properly executes all rudder orders, and communicates to the First Mate on the quarterdeck using navigational terms relating to ship's heading and steering. A helmsman relies upon visual references and the navigator to steer a steady course. The First Mate directs the helmsman aboard the Anellas in the captain's absence.
  • Navigator: A navigator is the person on board ship that is responsible for its navigation. The navigator's primary responsibility is to be aware of the ship's position at all times. Responsibilities consist of planning the journey, advising the ship's captain of estimated timing to destinations while en route, and ensuring hazards are avoided. The navigator is in charge of maintaining the ship's nautical charts, nautical publications, and navigational equipment.
  • Boatswain: The boatswain is responsible for supervising the sailors as they worked, and for disciplining them. He is also in charge of the ‘boatswain’s stores’, comprising the rigging and sails, and sometimes supervised and recorded stowage of goods, with occasional references to a ‘boatswain’s book’.
  • Carpenter: The carpenter is the craftsman who makes repairs on the ship while at sea. In port, the carpenter will supervise the craftsmen responsible for conducting major repairs.
  • Ship Steward: The duties of steward on board the Anellas varies. Instead of working on deck and navigating the ship, stewards are employed as cooks, waiters, bartenders, chambermaids and more whenever the need arises. In general, the majority of the steward's work consists of keeping the galley in good order and performing housekeeping; however the steward's main responsibility is to assist in keeping the crew in high spirits, and managing the overall cleanliness of the ship. She also caters to passengers that have booked passage, manages the food supply, the bottles, and thus the drinks while on board.
  • Cook: The cook is the member of the crew that prepares and serves all the meals. The cook typically cooks different food for the captain and officers, and serves their meals in the wardroom.
  • Sailors: The sailors on board the Anellas are considered ordinary seamen and perform the duties required to operate the vessel in good order. Some of their duties, to name a few, are to sweep and wash the decks; break out, rig, overhaul, and stow cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and running gear; furl and unfurl sails, operate the hawsepipe, and secure cargo. During attacks, the crew are armed and capable of defending themselves and the ship.


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