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Sharian Chaebanise

Written by SirElghinn

Sharian Chaebanise is the ship carpenter aboard the Anellas. Sharian is a long-time childhood friend of Captain Enwen Adrel and shared in her sense of adventure, deciding to tag along on her various adventures. It has been rumored amongst the crew that they have a romantic relationship, however both will vehemently deny such a thing exists -- nor is there any evidence to support such a claim.
Sharian has always enjoyed woodworking, and takes pride in keeping the Anellas in peak operating condition. Though it took some time for him to adjust to the rolling waves as opposed to the forests of Tharethiel, he has grown to be comforted by the ocean and honestly wonders if he could find himself in any other environment.
Sharian has a sober demeanor, prefers not to drink, and keeps to himself. He opens up to the Captain, but keeps a respectable distance. The only other person he seems to take an interest in is Rodrel Sask, whom Sharian desires to glean as much information and technical knowledge from on sailing and ship-handling.
Year of Birth
2170 102 Years old
Current Residence
Light green
Long Red, Shaved on one side
5' 11"
145 lbs
Aligned Organization
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