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The Anellas

Written by SirElghinn

The Anellas is a Caravel outfitted as a merchant vessel captained by the Wood Elf Enwen Adrel. The Anellas was built in the port of Valmere in the year 2268, commissioned by Captain Enwen after having established a commodities trading route from the The Emerald Basin nations to those of western Abios.
'The Lass', as she's affectionately called by her Captain and Crew, is a common sight to sailors traversing the Emerald Sea, as well as those traveling the Perfumed Tides and the Sleeping Sea.

Trade Route

West to East

Sestatrea to Estia
7.3 Days
Estia to Sile Allanar
3.75 Days
Sile Allanar to Graygate
8.3 Days
Graygate to Woreem
6.25 Days
Woreem to Mosrothi
7.3 Days
Mosrothi to Goldmist
9.5 Days
Goldmist to Newshore
3.75 Days
Newshore to Bayvale
1.5 Days
Bayvale to Bhaevor
2 Days

East to West

Bhaevor to Bayvale
4.5 Days
Bayvale to Newshore
3.5 Days
Newshore to Inanepa
1.5 Days
Inanepa to Rosebeach
2 Days
Rosebeach to Woreem
7.3 Days
Woreem to Graygate
2.75 Days
Graygate to Sestatrea
7.3 Days
Note: A week is spent in Sestatrea to provision for the journey East. On average, the Anellas will spend at least one day in port between routes.

Ship Cutaway

1. Quarterdeck: The quarterdeck is a raised, open deck at the stern. The ship's wheel is here, along with a small davit for a ship's boat. Note: The Anellas is not outfitted with a lifeboat.
2. Foc'sle Deck: This is a raised, open deck atop the forecastle. On the starboard side is the hawsepipe and tackle for the ship's anchor.
3. Master's Cabin: The largest and most comfortable cabin on the ship is still quite cramped by most standards.
4. Wardroom: The captain and officers take their meals here. This room also serves as a drawing room or parlor for the captain and officers.
5. Main Deck: This open deck features two companionways that descend to the lower deck. The companionways serve as both stairways ladders and cargo hatches. Chicken coops and pens for goats, lambs, or other small livestock often take up any available space left on the deck.
6. Forecastle: Most of the ship's crew sleeps here, although in good weather many crewmembers prefer to sleep on the open decks. The forecastle holds a dozen cramped bunks.
7. Galley: The ship's galley is in the forward part of the lower deck. It has a small stove and shelving for all kinds of foodstuffs. The ship's cook and his assistant(s) sleep here.
8. Chain Locker: The ship's anchor chain is stored here. It passes through the hawsepipe in the forecastle up to the foc's'le deck.
9. Lower Deck: This space serves as the first of the caravel's cargo holds, as well as the passenger's and crew's mess deck. Crewmembers and passengers take their meals sitting on whatever cargo is convenient. If the ship is heavily laden, this deck might be covered to within a foot of the overhead, leaving only a single fore-and-aft passage between the crates, casks, and bundles.
10. Officer's Cabins: These tiny cabins are the private rooms of the ship's officers. Paying passengers usually bump an officer from his or her cabin to the forecastle. Note: These rooms can also be outfitted as the ship's Office, where all the ship's paperwork is kept, including cargo manifests, pay records, and the ship's paychest (usually in a sturdy, locked chest).
11. Sail Locker: Spare sails, canvas, and sewing gear is stored here, as well as plenty of lines, hawsers, firewood, and heavy tools.
12. Lower Hold: Most of the ship's cargo is stowed here, as well as provisions (including as many casks of fresh water as will fit). Beneath this lower hold lies a small crawlspace where heavy ballast stones help to stabilize the ship.

The Story Begins

The Anellas is the opening location for the player characters (PCs) within the world of Abios, all having purchased passage to travel to Sestatrea from various ports. The story begins with the Anellas in the Onnicia Ocean sailing north following its westerly route on the sixth day out from Graygate.
The Lass
Owning Organization
Build cost of 17,575 gold
8 knots (favorable wind), 4 knots average (90 ~ 100 miles/24-hour period)
Complement / Crew
18 crew members
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
50 tons cargo + 4 passengers


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