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As the Capital of Achana, the Black City of Bhaevor lies just upstream of the Ermine Delta on the Iln River. The second largest city on the continent of Abios, Bhaevor is seen as the world’s slave trade mecca, the tip of the God Bane's spear, and a great military nation bent on spreading its influence.


The main road enters into the city from the southwest, past the shanty hovels and huts that line the flawlessly placed cobblestone road and takes travelers through the mighty Iron Gates which stand as a testament to Bhaevor’s military prowess and fortitude in the face of multiple invasions. The gates stand out amongst the jet black walls and bastions with the banner of the Black Hand adorning them, an ominous site to any that approach. Past the gates, the road leads through the various merchants, middle class, and noble houses before opening to one of the three main city squares.
The Triangle, as it is known, is occupied by the three famous slave Noble houses of Bhaevor: Freegard, Blackgor, and Hartsend. Around the squares are the lesser houses of the slave trade, and together they make up approximately 55 percent of Bhaevor’s economy. Tiefling slaves are the main commodity, however Lizardfolk, Yuan-Ti, Tortle, and Dragonborn are known to have been sold on occasion. The remainder of Bhaevor’s economy relies mostly on tourism to their many pleasure houses, taverns, casinos, and bath houses making up 35 percent, and commodity trading and fishing contributing the remaining 10 percent. One additional occupation known to thrive in Bhaevor are bounty hunters, with two companies at the forefront in their profession: Tymora’s Favorites and the Watchdogs. These companies have been known to show hostility towards one another, especially when their sights are set on similar targets. Professional courtesy, and the threat of retribution from the noble houses, keep these business from all-out open warfare in the streets.
Just a block north from the Triangle lies the docks, brimming with merchants bringing in, and setting sail with ships full of Tiefling slaves bound for the kingdoms of Otharia, Vorroth, Kalit, Ospaña, Xeshana, and Ogresh. Alongside the various slaver ships are the black ships of Achana’s Navy, the Ebony Armada, or ‘Ebbs’ as they are nervously called by pirates. Made from blackwood from The Ebony Forest in southwestern Achana, the vessels are mighty galleys with a forecastle, aft castle, three masts, and two levels of oarsmen, armed with a ballista at the prow capable of launching bolts of fire, or balls of burning pitch . It is said that the Ebony Armada has never been defeated in battle, and the Bhaevorians proudly remind their neighbors of this fact whenever challenged.


The city is ruled by the tyrant King Warder Burne who resides in the city’s grand citadel, the Onyx Hold located along the southern wall. Not far from the gaze of the citadel’s highest bastions along the northeastern shore lies the grand temple to Bane, the Lyceum of the Black Lord. There, the high priests and clergy worship Bane dutifully and faithfully as the Order of the Black Hand. The Clerics of the Black Hand are feared and recognized by the black-enameled gauntlet worn on one fist.
Politics in Bhaevor are complicated and ruthless with the various Noble Houses vying for position and prominence within the Capital. As it sits, the King has no heir, and it was proclaimed by the King that “He who serves Bane best shall be named crowned King of all Achana.” This has been interpreted in numerous ways, mainly by those who are the most creative in twisting Bane’s teachings to match their goals. Whether intended or not, open dueling in the streets amongst political rivals and assassinations have started to become commonplace, with some even invoking religious inquisitions against their enemies. The Order of the Black Hand is all too happy to carry out these inquisitions, as it only strengthens their foothold amongst the populace. It also serves to cement their pecking order among the nobles, elevating them to levels of power unseen by priests of other religions. This has also caused an increase in paranoia among nobles, who have begun to see conspiracy in every action or dealings with peers and superiors.
The nation as a whole would like to see its influence eventually spread to all of Abios, and possibly beyond. Current internal conflicts distract from turning their conquering eye towards their neighbors...for the time being.


Bhaevorians are typically employed as spies, assassins, head hunters, slavers, pirates and pirate hunters. They are resilient, resourceful, persistent, and devious. Their view of the world is through the lens of strength and power. Honor and glory to those that take what they want, especially by force. And those too weak to resist deserve their fate. It is the natural order of things in the eyes of a Bhaevorian, and Achanans as a whole.
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  • Bhaevor
    Capital City of Achana
Total Population
29,916 (Slaves)
Total City Guard
615 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of Bane, God of Tyranny. They are overseen by 40 ordained priests.

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8 Jul, 2018 18:05

As always, such a rich selection of images and description of things. How do you determine your demographic numbers and the numbers under industry?

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8 Jul, 2018 18:09

There are certain random number generators that I use that base those amounts off a total population limit. With the scope of my world, it's nearly impossible for me not to use random generators with some of this material (especially if I want to stay ahead of my players). I believe the random generator I used here was The Red Dragon Inn.

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Ah cool, thank you!

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I love, love, LOVE, the amount of detail in your article and the images you used. Amazing job!

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Thank you very much!

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Very detailed!   Makes me wonder: if tourism is such a big part of the economy, what's organized crime like there?

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8 Jul, 2018 18:42

Because the city is rule by the Order of the Black Hand (Church of Bane), the city is very much a criminal's playground. The aristocracy are all backstabbing and power-hungry, so internal intrigue among the elite is quite out in the open. Criminals get by simply by paying off the right people, like the Clergy or City Guards, or by backing a certain political figure. It's a miserable den of inequity and ruthlessness, unfortunately. Tourism, in our sense of the word, doesn't really come into huge play...people don't really bring their families to Bhaevor. But the elite and their posse certainly make trips to experience some of the more 'unregulated' activities. Imagine Las Vegas in the 50's and 60's, but set in a fantasy setting of early Renaissance Venice or Genoa.

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Sounds ripe for tons of interesting twists and turns!

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Wowzers, this was a right deep read here. I enjoyed it though. You mention the king as a tyrant, is there every attempts to overthrow him from the lower classes?

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The King is more or less a puppet of the Order of the Black Hand (Church of Bane), and as such they support the King and keep any internal conflicts designed to overthrow him well-tamped down. The population is terrified of the Imperceptors and Clerics of Bane, and since Crime Bosses and Syndicates also pay homage (with coin and 'benefits') to the Church of Bane, they too are given a lot of freedom within the city. With all of that put together, the population is well-subjugated.