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Rodrel Sask

Written by SirElghinn

Rodrel Sask is the First Mate on the ship Anellas. Originally recruited by Enwen Adrel after commissioning the Anellas, he oversaw the construction of the ship at the shipyards of Valmere and kept it on schedule for delivery. A native of Valmere, he prefers to be on the open ocean away from the hustle and bustle of urban life -- especially the unscrupulous and unsavory traits that are seen as necessary in Otharian society. Since 2268, he has served under the Captain and been a faithful Officer to her, the ship, and the crew. He's hard-working and cannot abide laziness, liars, or pirates. His passion is being on the open water commanding a crew, and honestly could care less about the money for the job he does. As long as he has a capable Captain and a sea-worthy vessel, he's happy.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Mate of the Anellas
Year of Birth
2221 51 Years old
Current Residence
Dark Brown
Graying, Brown, Short
6' 1"
212 lbs
Aligned Organization
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