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Morseth Teldrar

Written by SirElghinn

Morseth Teldrar is the ship navigator aboard the Anellas. Morseth was a student within the MakiaViri Chaswhi (Dragonborn schools of higher learning) interested in studying celestial bodies. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he sped through studies and exams and grew restless, feeling unsatisfied with the lack of field work available. Seeking a bit of adventure (and a change of scenery), he sought out a ship Captain for work at the Rosebeach docks. The first ship he approached was the Anellas, and after a lengthy discussion with Enwen Adrel and First Mate Rodrel Sask, they accepted his proposal of working on board as ship's navigator.
Morseth feels satisfied, as he gets to travel to various ports -- where he seeks out like-minded Dragonborn to compare notes and observational findings to be forwarded back to his Chaswh -- and gets the opportunity to view the skies from varying points as they sail.
The Dragonborn speaks little, and if he does engage in conversation, it typically involves astronomy, or some other academic subject that most tend to find dry and boring. His social skills are lacking, however the crew are trying their best to bring out his adventuring side.
Year of Birth
2239 33 Years old
Current Residence
Light Blue
Light Gold Horns, Dark Brown Stripe
6' 4"
249 lbs
Aligned Organization
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