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Sastruth Platebuckle

Written by SirElghinn

Sastruth Platebuckle is an older male dwarf who is the cook aboard the Anellas and doesn't tolerate any nonsense within His galley. He is consistently dour to those who get in his way, or intrude in an area where they aren't supposed to be -- namely his galley, however he's extremely respectful to the officers and Captain. The crew have all heard various rumors as to how he came to be a cook aboard the Anellas. Some stories involve him being rescued by Captain Enwen and First Mate Rodrel Sask from a group of goblins as they were enroute to Valmere during the Anellas' construction. Others say the Captain rescued him from slavery aboard a Pirate vessel that attempted to attack the Anellas. No one knows for sure, and only those that Sastruth trusts knows the full story -- everyone else gets an earful to shift-it out of his galley.
He's remarkably gifted as a cook, much to the surprise of new crew members and passengers. His numerous fine dishes usually come with an equal amount of varied stories as to where he learned to cook said dishes. "This dish here I learned from Berronar Truesilver herself in order to soothe the warring clans of Thruin'Tor!", or "This joint here I once served to the Witch Queen of Savesris to spare my own hide from being turned into a Bullywug! Ye don't see me croakin', do ya boy!"
The only individual allowed within the galley (except for the two human assistants) is Laise Zinfi who he cherishes like a daughter. She is often convinced into bribing Sastruth into taking requests for that evening's meal, which he is all too happy to comply with.
Year of Birth
1991 281 Years old
Current Residence
Dark Brown
Bald, White Beard
4' 10"
162 lbs
Aligned Organization
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Character Portrait image: Dwarven Spirit Mender by James Green
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