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The docks of Hirane are relatively small, and only capable of accommodating two Caravel-sized ships on the southern dock, while the remainder of dock space is occupied by small fishing boats. The northern dock is the smaller of the two, and used for small fishing boats or personal vessels. The southern dock is longer with a jetty at the end. The jetty itself is raised approximately 6 feet off the water, and a ramp leads down onto the dock getting closer to the water where several fishing boats are lashed. The docks are constructed from oak planks approximately 15 feet wide and built atop oak pillars rising from the water.
Local fisherman mill about the docks, mostly leaning against their small fishing vessels and swapping tales with others. Dockworkers and Stevedores also occupy the docks and are tasked with the loading and unloading of any trade ship in port under the direction of the Dock Foremen.
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