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The Grinning Kobold

Opposite from the Temple of Valkur and the Town Square is the only Inn located within Hirane known as the Grinning Kobold. This two-story building is constructed from a stone brick base, with timber and plaster walls, and a thatched roof. A sign hangs over the door with a drawing of a Kobold grinning in a humorous way.
Inside, behind her desk at the entrance, is the small female halfling owner of the establishment named Drossa Diggle. Rooms are 5 sp per night, the Inn has 6 rooms located upstairs, with each room having only 2 single beds, some drawers, and a lockable chest. Each room has a window overlooking the area below. Drossa lives on the premises on the first floor. There is no attached kitchen to the Inn, so visitors must dine elsewhere in town.

Grinning Kobold 2nd Floor by SirElghinn

Parent Location
Room Price
5 sp per room/night

Cover image: Port Poor by Monika Zawistowska


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