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What Ales You

Directly north of the Shipwright lies the only tavern in Hirane known as the What Ales You tavern. Owned and operated by the Symes Vatsk and his daughter Relyra, the tavern is the preferred (and only) gathering place for the town's residents in the evening. The two-story building is constructed of timber and plaster walls with a thatched roof. Several windows occupy the ground floor, with a few occupying the second floor. The front door is a large oak door that opens into the tavern's main room which is occupied by several wooden tables and wooden chairs. Along the northeastern wall is a large hearth burning logs of peat. There is a large oak counter along the northern end of the room where Symes tends the bar, and shelves lining the wall behind him with several jugs of various spirits. The one end of the counter is open to allow Symes to walk freely, while along the northern wall at the open end of the counter is a door leading into a back room. In that room is a flight of stairs leading down into the basement, which stores several large casks of ale. Another set of stairs beside it lead up into Symes' residence.
The Tavern opens mid-morning and stays open well past midnight. Many of the town's residents frequent the tavern, including Berny Page, Edraele Trisyra, Drossa Diggle, Rosla Grurim, Sylrith Madz, and Tela Cliffoak (who could be considered a permanent resident).
During most evenings, a few local musicians assemble an hour or two before midnight and have music sessions playing the traditional songs of Laskea. These musicians are not trained musicians, they are mostly farmers or fishermen that have learned to play with instruments passed down from generation to generation.

Amateur Musicians

Every night, local musicians assemble in the What Ales You Tavern to offer a live session to the patrons of the establishment in return for free drinks. A selection of their musical choices is as follows:
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Symes Vatsk
Relyra Vatsk

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