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Rilanor's House

Rilanor Minun's residence lies on the eastern edge of the Town Square. The residence itself is unremarkable -- a plain timber house with a wooden roof and few windows. No markings on the outside or any attempt of decoration made to improve the appearance. The home is rarely occupied as Rilanor spends the large majority of his time either at the Harbor Master House, the Dock Warehouse, or Ennen Kytson's herbalist shop called Leaf it to Me. The windows are dingy and dirty, restricting the view into the home's interior.
The front door opens into a foyer with a door to the right (south end) that opens into a make-shift botanical study of sorts, though the variety and number of plants are view. The room contains a desk with some potted plants with bits of parchment lying here and there. There is a desk equipped with a quill and ink and two sets of drawers on either side. There is a couch with two end tables at either end, and empty bookshelves also contain potted plants. The variety of plants appears to be Nightshade, Orchids, various Cacti, and a single lone radish plant. The plants look to be somewhat neglected.
To the left of the foyer (north end) is another door that leads into a proper study complete with bookshelves that have a few books on the shelves, a desk equipped with a quill and ink and two sets of drawers on either side. The desk drawers are stuffed with papers regarding the goings-on of ships coming and going from the Hirane docks. The papers are not kept in good order, and are haphazard in their content. It would appear Rilanor isn't at all interested in keeping complete or detailed records.
Within the foyer, there is a staircase leading up to the second floor, and next to the staircase is a hallway that leads back to Rilanor's sparse kitchen / dining area. The dining area has a wooden table with two wooden chairs, a pantry barely stocked with food items, and a counter top with canisters filled with grains and flour. Upstairs is Rilanor's bedroom which contains a single bed, an armoire for clothes, a desk equipped with quill and ink and two sets of drawers on either side, a nightstand, and empty bookshelves. The contents of the paper within the desk are inconsequential and looks as if Rilanor is a pack rat and saves every bit of scratch paper. Most of these papers yield very little information and look to be mostly scratch sheets of paper.
Towards the back of the house within the dining area is a door that is kept locked, and leads out into a small alleyway.
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