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Leaf it to Me

Hirane's Herbalist Shop is called Leaf it to Me and is owned and operated by Hirane native Ennen Kytson. The building is located across from the north-eastern corner of the Temple of Valkur. The building itself is made from wood timber and a thatched roof. The outside is adorned with various potted plants and flower beds which give off a strong perfumed odor when approaching the front of the building.
The interior of the building is similar to the outside, with pots container a variety of plants spread throughout the building, baskets of green ferns hanging from the ceiling, and bowls of potpourri on shelves against the walls. A wooden counter greets customers as they enter the shop and a back room is visible where Ennen typically works concocting medicinal remedies, ointments, and tinctures.
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Cover image: Port Poor by Monika Zawistowska


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