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The Common Voyage

The Common Voyage General Goods Store is located on the south-east edge of town, and faces towards to road leading into Hirane. The store is pleasant and well-kept, constructed of neat timber planks and a thatched roof that appears to be in good condition. Several windows line the face of the building, decorated with planter boxes under each.
The shop is owned and operated by Edmur Rysel. The northern end of the building acts as the store, while the southern end is the Rysel residence. The interior is pleasant and simple. Shelves occupy the center of the floor and line the walls all containing various tools and implements one would expect to find in a small rural community. A long wooden counter acts as the separation between the store and the home where Edmur sits and is all too happy to help customers find what they need.
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Cover image: Port Poor by Monika Zawistowska


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