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Initial Approach to Town

The small hamlet of Hirane sits along the coast of northwestern Laskea. Two small docks occupy the shore leading into town large enough in size to accommodate a modest merchant vessel each. A few fishing boats are beached looking a bit in need of repair while a few fisherman engage in conversation while leaning against them. The town itself is quaint with most homes being of wattle and daub construction with thatched roofs. From the docks, a shipwright and warehouse of timber frame can be seen, along with the Harbor Master's office made of stone. A two-story building made of timber and plaster with a thatched roof can also be seen past the shoreline, along with an impressive manor made of stone lying beyond. From the docks, the sound of an anvil being worked echoes from the surrounding walls, and a small plume of smoke can be seen rising from a stone building on the southern edge of town closest to the docks.

Interacting with the Population

The people of Hirane are mostly human, with some half-elves and a handful of dwarves and gnomes. Most people are polite with respectful nods or a random greeting, though gazes tend to linger on outsiders. You get the impression that strangers and visitors to this settlement are rare, and even more so if traveling with what they would view as exotic races (Tiefling, Elves, Dragonborn, Tortles). The people do seem to behave with a certain amount of trepidation and/or anxiety, as if they are expecting a storm or perhaps they're concerned about their current food stock. You can't quite put your finger on it, but people do walk a little faster when traveling from place to place, and most will disperse if a dockworker or a city guard comes into view.

Population Appearance


The people of Hirane are dressed as one would expect of a small fishing hamlet. The clothing would be considered basic, practical and not decorated. Men are seen wearing short woollen tunics belted at the waist over short woollen trousers. Most wear small hats over a woollen cowl and leather work boots. Women are typically seen wearing woollen dresses over a woollen underskirt along with a woollen cowl to protect their heads and shoulders with simple boots on their feet.

Dockworkers / Stevedores

The men who work the docks performing the manual labor of loading and unloading ships of goods are the dockworkers, also known as Stevedores. These men are fairly obvious in a crowd as they wear loose fitting linen shirts, loose linen pants decorated in bright colors or stripes, with wrapped cloth belts. They are typically armed, unkempt, and are burly in physical appearance.

Town Guard

The town guard are easily identifiable, wearing padded armor and a simple open-faced iron helmet with the insignia of the Golden Lion on a round wooden shield. The insignia of the Golden Lion is standard for any soldier or town guardsmen acting under the authority of King Alwyn Nede of Laskea. They are armed with a spear in one hand, and a longsword belted at their waist.

Town Appearance

The town is clean with the streets and yards being kept looking pleasant, though most yards have patches of turf missing. The town itself appears to be roughly 200 to 300 years in age, with most houses appearing to have been recently rebuilt, or at least repaired within the past couple of years. People are often seen sweeping their stoops and litter doesn't appear to be an issue. A random dog or cat can be seen crossing the street. Decoration is sparse except for signs indicating a government building or a storefront. Trees are present throughout the town with some being old in growth and in relatively good health. On the outskirts of town, small farms have been established and are worked by two or more people, enclosed in simple wattle fences. The farms themselves are small, appearing to only serve a handful of people in yield. Closer to shore, several small fishing boats are present, with the smell of fish being heavy in the air. A few handcarts are positioned near the shore to assist fishermen in transporting their wares to the city square, which opens sporadically throughout the day, typically after fishermen have spent the day fishing and wish to offload their catch.


The climate in Hirane during summer months is pleasant; blue skies with puffy clouds present, a mild southerly breeze and a temperature of roughly 68°F (20°C) during the day, and temperatures at night falling to 52°F (11°C). Humidity averages 78% during the day, falling to 57% at night. Fog does occasionally roll in off the Onnicia Ocean and lasts until around 8:30 AM, eventually being cleared by southerly winds.
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For earth comparisons, the climate of Hirane is similar to that of Indianapolis, IN in the United States, or to Belgium or Northern France in Europe.


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