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Black Cat Curios

Black Cat Curios is a three-story shop located within the Scholar District of Sestatrea across from the Sí an Bhrú. The building is constructed of wooden planks on the bottom two floors with the third being mostly plaster. Several windows occupy each floor, and at the main entrance is a deep red enameled oak door and a sign with the logo prominently displayed. The oak door has a smaller door at the base with a small wooden slat that swings inwards and outwards.
Once inside, the first floor is a hodgepodge of various knick-knacks, ornaments, curios, fossils, and antiquated instruments and tooling. Full and partial skeletons of exotic creatures hang from the ceiling with smaller skeletons placed in a haphazardous manner on the tops of shelves. The walls are lined with high-reaching shelves, drawers, and cabinets each containing bizarre and unusual objects. Large shelves of similar construction and contents line the center of the floor space, and towards the back of the building lies a large oak desk that also serves as a display case in which the owner, Zelrila Kelwynn, greets customers. Behind the desk is a stairwell leading up towards the 2nd and 3rd floor. Scattered throughout the store are Zelrila's thirteen cats named Gomez, Jinx, Regina, Purrdy, Bane, Longfang, Dova, Licorice, Felina, Minnie, Emily, Jagular, and Felix. The cats each have their own unique personalities, however most are friendly and seek attention from customers while they shop.
The second floor has a small common room complete with a fireplace that goes mostly unused since Zelrila doesn't entertain much, and has an adjoining kitchen. The third floor if Zelrila's bedroom with fireplace and wash room, as well as a storage area/attic.
Upon a successful investigation check (DC 16), the following uncommon items are available for sale:
Spell Scroll (3rd level) - Tiny Servant
330 gp
Wand of Secrets
500 gp
Spell Scroll (2nd level) - Zone of Truth
200 gp
Dust of Disappearance
425 gp
Ring of Swimming
395 gp
Shop, Generic
Parent Location


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