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Ivory Pantry Inn

Written by SirElghinn

The Ivory Pantry Inn is a prestigious and opulent three-story building situated on the corner of an intersection within the artisan district of Sestatrea. The building is considered one of the finer places to stay while within the city, and is typically the Inn of choice for visiting VIPs. The Inn is owned and operated by the debonair Moon Elf named Deldrach Vajyre and his staff. Deldrach spends his time overseeing the Inn and interacting with guests, being sure to meet every individual that stays within his establishment.

The Rooms

The Ivory Pantry Inn has over 33 rooms each on the second and third floor, with each room being a spacious 30 ft by 30 ft and furnished with large comfortable king-sized beds, couches, cabinets, drawers, dressers, and your own personal water closet complete with a bathtub with indoor plumbing -- considered a luxury in Abios. Rich carpets adorn the floor in each room of the establishment. The walls are plaster, with dark-stained oak timber frame and wainscoating paneling. Every room has a window that can be opened to the outside, and locked securely from the inside to prevent burglary. Expensive art hangs in the hallways and in the rooms, along with various potted exotic plants.
Each guest is given a key to their room, and each room door is able to be chained from the inside to prevent theft. The room is also equipped with a pull-chain that rings in a central room on the first floor which is monitored by the staff. Upon being rung, an attendant is dispatched to your room to assist in any need the guest demands. Room service is available from 6 AM to Midnight each day.


The Inn offers patrons access to the Ivory Bathhouse located at the back of the Inn on the first floor. There guests can enjoy a relaxing bath and massage by the staff of the Inn -- for an additional fee of 1 gp. Along with the Bathhouse, a courier service is also offered, allowing individuals to write, send, and receive mail while staying within the Inn for the small fee of 5 sp per piece of postage. There is also a concierge service which helps guests new to the city to find places of interest, and also handles guest's mounts while staying within the Inn by keeping them within the Inn's stables across the street. The concierge can also assist in requesting carriages if one needs to make a spectacular entrance when arriving to any event.


The Ivory Pantry Inn has a full service restaurant and bar located within the Inn known as the Matron's Honor. Popular with serving high-end cuisine, the menu offers the following choices:
Wyvern Tail in Ginger & Cinnamon
18 gp
Khellanic (dwarven) Ale
9 cp
Braised Minotaurtail with Mushrooms
10 gp
Dwarven Spirits
9 cp
Cheese rolls with a filling of nuts, honey and vegetables
6 cp
Yanusa Wine
4 cp
Stuffed Mushrooms with Thyme & Creamcheese
4 sp
Fallan (elven) Wine
9 cp
Basilisk Knuckle Roasted in Beer
12 gp
Heron Wine
6 cp
Cockatrice Liver pate and Bread
10 gp
Quillin (elven) Wine
10 cp
Breaded Breast of Griffon in Whisky Mushroom Sauce
7 sp
Browncoal Stout
1 sp
Parent Location
Room Price: 5 gp/night


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