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Moon Elf

Often mistaken for Drow by the uninformed, Moon Elves are the secretive subrace of elvenkind that dwell among the Border Islands of Aennamar, hidden out of sight from all but the most perceptive and brave explorers. Moon Elves live in reclusive villages, usually in deeply shaded parts of the forest and cliffs, though their temples and other religious sights typically are built in clearings where they can be bathed in the open moonlight.


Moon Elves have more purple skin than their other kin, ranging from light lavender to dark violet, though light shades of blue are not uncommon. Some Moon Elves are extremely pale with alabaster skin sometimes tinged with blue, their skin almost appearing to glow a soft white similar to moonlight. Others can have much darker hues, running so deeply lavender or dark violet that it almost appears black. They often have hair of silver-white, black, or blue, but various shades of blond, brown, and red are not unheard of. Their eyes are blue or green and flecked with gold, though some have been known to have shades of red. As part of their culture, Moon Elves sometimes tattoo their face with simple patterns, and pierce their ears with intricate silver jewelry
Moon Elf


Moon elves are secretive and mysterious, preferring to keep their business close to their chest. Like other elves, they are patient and deliberate in most of what they do, and demonstrate and orderly nature, though not quite to the level of the Sun Elves. Moon elves are more akin to the adventurous spirit of the Wood Elves and Half-Elves. They tend to be more gracious and respectful to strangers than the sun elves. They are slow to trust, however once that trust is earned, moon elves honor the friendships for life.


Moon Elves, like their Drow cousins, typically live in a matriarchal society, with women commonly serving as soldiers, business owners, spiritual leaders, and holding positions of authority. Matrons of moon elf society command authority through martial prowess, the ability to protect their people, and their respect of their goddess Sehanine Moonbow.
Moon elves are more motivated to become adventurers than their sun elf brethren, though they still prefer to keep to themselves. Moon elves are rarely found outside of their native lands, but may be encountered in unexplored wilds or ancient ruins due to their love of exploration and discovery. Most moon elves who turn to adventure do so as rogues, fighters, or clerics of their goddess, or something in-between. Moon elves rarely become bards, due to their secretive nature. Performing for a crowd makes them anxious, and they consider the whole ordeal to be somewhat comedic. Some moon elves do find solace in the arcane, though these individuals are rare.

Magic and Religion

Moon elves have a deep respect for magic, and concentrate their studies towards the natural and religious study of use. Moon elves have great respect for druids and clerics, seeing the natural magic of the druids as honoring the natural order of things, and the magic of clerics of paying homage to the gods.
Moon Elf Study
Most moon elves are deeply religious, choosing to honor Sehanine Moonbow foremost for her secretive nature and abilities. To them, Sehanine reflects the best qualities of a leader - wisdom, martial ability with the bow, and the ability to keep and discover secrets in the shadows.

Relations with Other Races

Moon Elf Watchman
Moon elves are humble to their place in the world, and while they come across as arrogant to some due to their secretive nature, this is more from their desire to protect themselves and their society. It is a defense mechanism of sorts to keep others on their toes and uninformed to their ways and culture. The moon elves believe this gives them an advantage when facing potential foes, as their enemies are unaware of their capabilities and mindset, and therefore are unable to make plans against them.
Moon elves are fond of all elvenkind, though they prefer to limit their exposure to sun elves due to their nature to patronize them. When in the company of sun elves, moon elves tend to act angsty similar to that of human teenagers. From outside observers, this behavior is understood as appropriate given the fact that most sun elves tend to treat moon elves as children or younger siblings.
Moon elves get along well with all other races of Abios, however they loathe Orcs and their darker brethren, the drow. Such is their hatred for orcs that they will kill any they find due to Sehanine Moonbow's hatred for the orc god Gruumsh. Moon elves can be somewhat aloof from other races at first due to the fact they can at times resemble the drow. Unfortunately it's not unheard of for a moon elf to be attacked under the assumption that they were, in fact, a drow, nor is it unheard of for a drow to impersonate a moon elf.

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