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Sun Elf

The sun elves, also sometimes known as gold elves, sometimes as high elves due to their stereotypical elitist ways, are a sub-race of elves from the nation of Acilidan. Haughty and arrogant, sun elves typically feel themselves to be superior to most other races, including other elves.


Like all of the elves, the sun elves are close to the height of humans, but with notable differences. Sun elves have bronze-colored skin and hair most often of copper, golden blond, and black, with red more uncommon but not unheard of. Sun elves typically have green eyes or blue, though golden ones are also common, often with a liquid appearance, and silver, black, hazel, or copper hues have also been heard of. Like their Moon Elf brethren, male sun elves are typically taller and heavier than females, sometimes by as much as five inches or twenty pounds.
Sun Elf
Sun elves have a reputation for being stronger but less durable than other elves. This is not necessarily the case for all sun elves, however.


Sun elves are firmly of the belief that they stand as the sole protectors of the good kingdoms of Abios from the Orcs and tyrant Humans to the southeast. Patient and deliberate in most of what they do, they demonstrate an orderly nature uncommon to most elves, preferring to master a skill before applying it rather than learning as they go. Rushing is out of the nature of sun elves, who, while less versatile than most races, have a mastery of whatever they apply themselves to. The only true exception to this is martial combat, which nearly all sun elves have some training in, which most are eager to finish as quickly as possible once engaged.


Unlike most elves, sun elves organize their society along firm and hierarchical traditions. Communities are typically run by members of an esteemed nobility. There is a difference, however, between sun elven and human monarchy and where a human king typically accumulates influence through the ownership of land or command of soldiers, a sun elf noble commands authority through the prestige of their family name or the magical power they hold at their behest, a power they often demonstrate through the grandeur of their home.

Sun Elf Lounging

Sun elves are less motivated to become adventurers than their wandering moon elf brethren and prefer, for the most part, to keep to themselves. Those who are driven into the world to forge a path among the other races often do so as spies or scouts on the behalf of their people, or perhaps as vigilant watchmen against possible threats. Others might be drawn to adventure by a desire to explore the ancient ruins of the world and learn from their secrets, bringing back lost secrets of magic and power to their people. Most sun elves who turn to adventure do so as wizards, fighters, or something in-between, though sun elves generally lack the desire to be versatile. Many sun elves also become bards, though they are a rare sort given more to solemn songs of the ancients than joyous ballads. Many sun elves are also clerics or paladins and have more to their number of either than any other elven culture. Sun elves who continue their career away from sun elven homes often go on to become masters of the arcane such as arcane devotees, archmages, or loremasters. Sun elves also favor the paths of the arcane archer and bladesinger, though to a lesser extent.

Magic and Religion

Sun elves have a deep respect for magic, particularly of the high magic variety, and often concentrate their studies on its nature and use. Sun elves have an advantage in this over other races, even other elves, for as a collective group, sun elves have a greater wealth of lore than any other, a collection accumulated over millennia. With the proper training, sun elven mages might be capable of warding an entire city or changing the landscape of a small region overnight, although such power is often used hesitantly and with restraint. As a result, sun elves, as much out of an urge to prevent magical disasters as out of possessive arrogance, are hesitant to use their abilities learned as mages outside of their domains.

Sun Elf Magic

Although sun elves favor the arcane, they do not neglect the divine and most sun elves are deeply religious. This piety is often intertwined with nationalism, as sun elves firmly believe they are the chosen people of the Seldarine. As in most other things, sun elves leave no detail incomplete and the sun elf ceremonies devoted to the Seldarine are often long and drawn-out. For other races, these rites might even seem dull, with sun elves neglecting any hint of joy or merriness, which they believe to be disrespectful to the gods in their worship.
Sun elves generally pay heed to all the Seldarine, though some do not consider Angharradh (the combined form of Sehanine Moonbow, Aerdrie Faenya, and Hanali Celanil) to be among the Seldarine. Most find Corellon Larethian most worthy of their veneration. To the common sun elf, Corellon reflects the best qualities of a leader — wisdom, generosity, and firm leadership. Priests of the god often have a high place in sun elven society, advising nobility and aiding the military.

Relations with Other Races

Sun elves have a high opinion of themselves, even in comparison with the moon elves, and as a race feel that they are the chosen people of Corellon himself, selected to protect the traditions and culture of elvenkind. But in spite of this, most sun elves do feel an affection for their brethren, the moon elves, although in a way that could often seem patronizing. Sun elves generally see moon elves as immature and irresponsible children who, although amusing, need to be constantly reminded of their duties to the greater elven family.
Interestingly, sun elves are most fond of Wood Elves, though the sparse settlement of both peoples means that direct contact is a rare thing. Sun elves are less amiable towards the wild elves, whom they feel are in need of "civilizing." Of all the elves, however, sun elves view the aquatic elves the most positively, seeing them as their equals and partners in spreading elven culture across Abios.
Of all the races in the world, however, the one that sun elves hold the most open hatred for are the Drow. Sun elves, like many elves, view the drow as blasphemy incarnate and make a policy of killing any drow they might meet on sight.
Compared to moon elves, sun elves are relatively common, and can be found in almost any large town or city, however less so in the Orc or Human tyrant kingdoms of Abios.
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