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Deldrach Vajyre

Deldrach Vajyre is the Moon Elf owner and operator of the Ivory Pantry Inn located within the Artisan District of Sestatrea. Deldrach runs the Inn like a well-synchronized clock by closely managing and scrutinizing the 25 staff members under his employ, placing special emphasis on customer service and catering to the needs of those privileged to stay within his Inn. Deldrach is rather charming and has the ability of making all races, male or female, feel as if they were the most important individuals in all of Abios. He has an uncanny ability to remember names and faces, which adds to his customer service appeal since he remembers most every individual that passes through his door.
Deldrach typically makes his rounds within the front lobby of the Inn, greeting guests and directing his staff to help guests with their luggage or mounts.
Year of Birth
1960 312 Years old
Light Violet
Short, Black
6' 1"
172 lbs
Ruled Locations

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