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The small town of Pathstow is considered a frontier town in many respects. A remote town along the road between Daemarrel and the town of Breghdel in the Territory of Estrya, it is nestled deep in the Feyborn Mountains and offers travelers a small respite from their long journey.


To the traveler that is accustomed to paved roads, clean streets, and quaint gardens and greenery, Pathstow would be considered a pigsty. The infrastructure in Pathstow is somewhat lacking due to the inclement weather the town sees throughout most of the year because ot its proximity to the Qretith Sea and being nestled in a long valley in the Feyborn Mountains. As a result, the major thoroughfares of Pathstow are simple dirt paths that turn into unpleasant cesspools of mud at the very hint of rain. Winds from the highest peaks of the neighboring mountains consistently blow through the town bringing a fine dust that seems to cover every surface, adding to the already filthy environment. Regardless, the townsfolk remain relatively unperturbed by these details and accept a bit of filth in return for the quiet and simple life most have come to Pathstow to enjoy.
While portions of the town are run-down, decrepit, and bastions of filth, there yet remains a few areas where civilization has crept in to take hold. The only Inn within the town is partially funded by Pathstow's ruling family to ensure travelers can take respite from the wind and cold with clean beds, warm hearths, and bathing facilities. The ruling family also sees to it that the local merchants have the necessary investment and insurance needed to guarantee deliveries of essentials required by the citizens, although the deliveries are often irregular at times depending on weather and bandits.
The only notable landmark is that of the Old Mage Tower which can be seen sitting on a distant rocky hilltop overlooking the town and valley. Once the residence of the great Mage and follower of Mystra who was responsible for raising some of the Seven Sisters, the Tower now sits abandoned and partially destroyed outside of town following years of neglect. Battle damage is still evident on the Tower following the assassination of the Old Mage and theft of the tower's possessions by Sharran Agents in 2267. Residents of Pathstow avoid visiting the Tower as the Old Mage's defensive wards are still active and have claimed the lives of those all too eager to search its secrets. The Tower does on occasion receive visitations from Dove Falconhand and Storm Emberhelm who quietly pay their respects to their foster Father and former mentor.


The town is ruled by Viscount Mathye Braffolk and his wife Ice Braffolk of Shadehaven. The family currently has no heir due to the inability of a Human to mate with a Tabaxi. However, the couple is said to be interested in adoption so long as such a thing is legal with the King of Laskea in order to maintain the Hereditary Primogeniture system currently in place. The couple have so far been unsuccessful in finding a suitable child, but they have the support and the encouragement of the townspeople who are fiercely loyal and protective of the couple's plight.
Viscount Mathye's family has ruled in Pathstow since it was founded in 2022. Since then, the town has struggled to thrive -- or even survive for that matter. Initially intended as a well-funded settlement to facilitate the colonization into the Territory of Estrya, funds were all too often diverted to more immediate needs within the newly created Kingdom of Laskea. Even so, the Braffolk family have maintained a positive attitude throughout the years and have done all they can for the citizens of their small town. The Viscount and his nontraditional Tabaxi wife are well-respected and loved by the citizenry as they are commonly seen out and among the people doing what they can to make lives better. The Viscount is often seen helping in the fields working the land alongside the farmers or offering assistance to the Pathstow Coal Mining Company (of which he is an honorary member). Lady Braffolk is often seen at the White Mountain Clinic aiding the sick and injured through her skill as a herbalist. When not there, she can be found at A Novel Idea Bookstore where she nearly single-handedly keeps the store afloat through her voracious appetite for novels. Lady Braffolk also heads a local club of women Tailors known as the Purrl Girls who gather infrequently to take care of the tailoring needs of the town. It also allows her to be humble among her people and get a feel for how the local populace is doing, which she eagerly reports to her Husband.


The terrain surrounding Pathstow is craggy and not considered exceptionally fertile, yet there are a number of fields that bustle with farmhands that are able to supply most of the town's needs. That which cannot be provided is typically shipped in from Daemarrel and other points within the Kingdom of Laskea. Pathstow Farms typically grow hay, wheat, grains, potatoes, or oilseed rape. Cattle and Sheep are the primary livestock bred to ensure a good supply of meat, leather and wool for the citizens. It is not uncommon to see folds of Highland Cattle or sheep walking on the hills surrounding Pathstow, or through the streets -- much to the chagrin of the local Guards.
Coal is a major export of Pathstow, which is transported to the various foundries and furnaces in both Laskea and Estrya. It is not considered of the highest quality, but Pathstow yields it in abundance. It provides a decent, albeit dangerous living for those willing to delve into the shafts dotting the countryside.
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  • Pathstow
    The small town of Pathstow is considered a frontier town in many respects. A remote town along the road between Daemarrel and the town of Breghdel in the Territory of Estrya, it is nestled deep in the Feyborn Mountains and offers travelers a small respite from their long journey.
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Captain of the Guard

Dansa Yeslynn leads the Pathstow Town Guard, and while liked by the populace and loved by the Braffolk Family, she is known to be a little high-strung. Through her dedication to the Kingdom of Laskea and excelling in martial ability while training in Sestatrea, she was hand-selected by Mathye Braffolk to be Captain in Pathstow. This was met with a bit of resistance as Dansa is a mere 29 years of age. It was feared she lacked the maturity and experience for such a post, however the Viscount insisted upon it and she was soon reassigned. The dangers and challenges to Pathstow are small when it comes to keeping the peace. However, in her eagerness to prove herself, small situations can quickly spiral into more stressful situations. Most locals can recognize when things begin to get out of hand, and have developed methods for calming and assisting her to lessen the stress. Nonetheless, she is quite capable at her position and has handily dealt with dangerous situations in the few instances that have arisen.

True Temple of the Dead

The True Temple of the Dead is a black marble temple dedicated to the deity Kelemvor. The temple came into existence in a very unusual manner. Shortly after the funeral services for the Old Mage in 2267, the grounds of the Pathstow cemetery began to tremble and the temple emerged from the ground, an obsidian monolith that shone in the moonlight. When all was settled, the priest Damien Rethart emerged from the building's front doors and introduced himself to those holding vigil for the deceased Mage. He claimed to be the representative of Kelemvor to all the Pathstonian citizens and let it be known that the True Temple of the Dead was the rightful resting place for all the city's souls. While unsettling at first, the populace have slowly grown accustomed to the temple, and some have even come to see its presence as an indication that Pathstow is under protection by the Gods from those that would seek to do them harm. Clergy devoted to Kelemvor are seen walking through the streets from time to time offering blessings and comfort to those they encounter, yet the two large skeletal figures that guard the entrance of the temple are avoided as they stand forever watchful with their cold gaze.

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