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Blue Boar Inn & Tavern

The Blue Boar Inn & Tavern is Pathstow's one and only Inn, although it is merely one of 4 separate taverns located within the town. The owner is a burly Halfling named Tolbok Nightdew who is typically a cheery individual, but can be gruff when the situations dictates.
The Inn is of wooden construction with stone floors being located on the ground floor in the kitchen and storeroom area. The Inn has two floors, with the top floor consisting of six rooms for rent. The rooms are adequate, nothing that would be considered fancy or comfortable by city standards, however the rooms are clean and offer weary travelers a modicum of respite from the long mountainous road between Daemarrel and Breghdel.
The Tavern is a favorite among the better-off natives, and live entertainment is on-hand most evenings playing from the stage built by Tolbok at the back of the tavern.


  • Blue Boar Inn & Tavern
    The one and only Inn located within the small frontier town of Pathstow.
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