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Breghdel is a farming community in Estrya, in northwestern Abios. It is where two of the Seven Sisters originally made their home, Storm Emberhelm who currently resides in Breghdel, and Syluné who was killed during a Dragon attack. Through its history, Breghdel battled both Zhentarim and Drow invasions. Due to the number of ruins in Breghdel and the need for the wilds of northern Estrya to be tamed, it has become a popular place for adventuring companies to settle.


Originally, Breghdel (then known as the "Land Under Shadow") was controlled by the Drow, who constructed the original Twisted Tower to protect their underground routes in the area. The Drow maintained a population of humans and other races on the surface, used as slaves.
The first human ruler of Breghdel was the water wizard Ashaba, who took power in 1799 and the Twisted Tower bore his name thereafter, along with the River Ashaba.
Wardell Sonelil became Lord of Breghdel in 2193. Wardell ruled peacefully over the dale with his wife Syluné Emberhelm. The peace in the dale encouraged attacks and sabotage from the Zhentarim and led to Wardell's assassination in 2232. The assassins responsible for Wardell's death were captured and killed by Jyordhan. Wardell was interned in Wardell's Tomb under Watcher's Knoll.
After Jyordhan's death in 2238, Syluné was unofficially the ruler of Breghdel, and she was aided in its defense by the adventuring company Mane's Band, although she was not the lord. This led to the period being dubbed "the Time of No Lords", with Syluné opting not to occupy the Twisted Tower and assume official leadership. The period lasted until 2241.
When Florin Falconhand was invited to take up the lordship by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun in 2241, he declined the honor and deferred it to his fellow Knight of Inyhlone, Doust Sulwood instead. Doust ruled until 2246, by which time he had grown tired of court life and preferred instead to return to adventuring. He passed on the lordship to Mourngrym Amcathra.
Mourngrym led the dale against Lyran Nanther in 2250 and the Bane-led Zhentarim army in 2251.
On the 15th of Caiman in 2267, under the cover of darkness, an army of Zhentarim, led by Scyllua Darkhope, invaded Breghdel with assistance from the Church of Shar and the Drow House Dhuurniv.
Mourngrym ruled until 2268, at which point he passed Lordship over to Azalar Falconhand.


In 2262 the forests of Breghdel were inhabited by a clan of goblins, a group of protective centaurs, at least one voadkyn and a green dragon named Emerash. Other creatures included ankhegs, bears, kobolds, owlbears and hairy spiders. Among other creatures, the overland included wolves, drakes and even a group of marauding half-ogres.


Breghdel lies on the southern shore of the confluence of the Ashaba River and Shrewsry River. The dale is covered with patches of light woods, and has a high number of ruins, making it popular with adventurers. The town of Breghdel is an unwalled community with The High Forest (also known as Cormanthor Forest) laying far to the northeast.

Notable locations

The seat of power in Breghdel is the Twisted Tower of Ashaba. Castle Grimstead, dating from 1727, lies not far from the site of the Tower, while Castle Krag, originally a Drow outpost, is situated beneath Watcher's Knoll. Breghdel has shrines dedicated to Mystra, Lathander, Sheela Peryroyl, and Torm.
  • Druid's Grove
  • Elf Leap
  • Fox Ridge
  • Hangman's Knoll
  • Harpers' Hill
  • Krag Pool
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Mistledale Mount
  • Breghdel (town)
  • The Old Skull Tor
  • Toad Knoll
  • Watcher's Knoll
  • Freedale
  • Shraevyn's Tomb


The ruler of Breghdel is chosen by its inhabitants. This would be someone whom they held in high regard, and was usually an outsider and someone they regarded as a hero to the town after having provided a great service. This is in contrast to other towns in Estrya where hereditary rule is common. The inhabitants of Breghdel generally keep their own lands and freedoms, swearing fealty to the lord and helping the community only when outside threats become involved.


Storm Emberhelm is the current individual tasked with the defense of Breghdel.
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Azalar Falconhand in 2268
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