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Torm the True, patron of paladins and unswerving enemy of corruption and evil, serves the people of Abios by exemplifying the chivalric ideal. An ascended hero who lived his mortal life in service to a just sovereign, Torm eschews the pretense of his fellow deities, instead adopting a humble position that he exists to serve the common good and the rule of law as established by honorable mortal rulers. Though a true deity with awesome power at his disposal, the Loyal Fury is all too familiar with the failings of mortal men, falling victim to hubris, gullibility and ignorance. Torm once allowed his avatar to be controlled by his own corrupt, oppressive clerics for a short time, an occurrence that gave him perspective on his own flaws and enhanced his sense of humility. Stern, righteous, and unyielding in the face of evil, Torm’s spirit lifts when dealing with his friends, the weak, the defenseless, and the young.


Torm battled Bane in the harbor of the city of Bhaevor centuries ago, destroying the Black Lord in personal combat (he too died in the conflict, but was later returned to life by Ao). As such, he became a hero to good-hearted people throughout the continent, a savior who in slaying Bane delivered Abios from the machinations of the deity of strife and tyranny. Torm’s destruction of Bane broke the back of The Zhentarim by eradicating that organization’s divine support, allowing the folk of The Emerald Basin to breathe a sigh of relief. In nations across the continent, Torm became a symbol of heroism and bravery, the ideal knight serving his followers with a transforming act of self-sacrifice appreciated even by great Ao himself. This adoration extended to Torm’s church, which experienced a renaissance and philosophical blooming as its numbers swelled and new thinkers and adherents joined the congregation. In the years following that time clerics of Torm have enjoyed popularity unparalleled in Abios.
Since Bane has returned in the same fashion as Torm, the people look to the Loyal Fury and his mortal agents for salvation once again. They eagerly hope that the menace of the Order of the Black Hand can be dealt with after another great battle, that the revived church of Bane can be crushed by an army of paladins with holy hearts and sanctified swords. Torm and his followers take a more realistic view, knowing that the current day is far different from what it was centuries ago, when the two deities met as essentially equal mortals. They know that the secrecy of Bane’s cult prevents open warfare, and that the menace of the Black Hand returned will not be quenched easily or without great loss of life. Both Torm and his holy warriors know the costs, and both are more than willing to pay them to deliver the good people of Abios from a world dominated by the lord of Darkness.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Torm pray for their spells at dawn. On the 13th of Fosis, they celebrate a somber ceremony known as the Divine Death to commemorate Torm’s sacrificial destruction of Bane. The 15th of Gaez sees a more jovial ritual in the form of the True Resurrection, which celebrates the anniversary of Torm’s return to Abios at the behest of Ao. Shieldmeet, traditionally a time when Abians enter new agreements and compacts, is a time of great religious significance to followers of the deity of duty who take their oaths very, very seriously. In addition to the daily morning prayer, clerics are expected to give thanks and honor to Torm through quiet prayers at noon, dusk, and midnight.


Clerics and paladins of Torm swear themselves to the Penance of Duty, a guide of responsibilities and obligations outlined by the Loyal Fury himself after discovering the rife corruption within the church when his avatar walked among them. To repay their persecution of other goodly religions, the clergy must aid the establishment of other good faiths as part of the Debt of Persecution. The Debt of Dereliction states that Torm’s agents must expend every resource possible to eliminate cults of Cyric and Bane, and to work against the insidious Zhentarim. The Debt of Destruction stipulates that the clergy record the locations of dead and wild magic areas and do what they can to heal these wounds to the Weave. Additionally, clerics and paladins of Torm stand vigilant against corruption within goodly organizations, knowing that what could infect their stalwart order is doubly likely to writhe into the affairs of less watchful bodies. Many travel the world righting wrongs and spreading the good works of Torm.
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High Cleric Barriltar Bhandraddon serves as Torm’s pontiff in Abios, ruling from the impressive Temple of Torm's Coming in Sestatrea. Bhandraddon’s reach encompasses a few towns and villages throughout the Kingdom of Laskea, and in the last decade he has sponsored a continent wide knightly order, the prestigious Order of the Golden Lion, members of which guard the temples and wander Abios in service to the Penance of Duty. The order is currently led by the affable human paladin Lord Garethian the Infallible (a humble man whose title is more an exercise in ironic self-deprecation than braggadocio). With the rise of Bane's church and the Zhentarim, many important leaders and field agents of the church have been assassinated, and many of Torm’s knights urge more decisive action against the Black Hand’s honorless followers.
Temples of Torm frequently double as citadels. Often constructed to offer their residents a clear view of the surrounding area, and featuring drilling grounds, battlements, austere quarters for resident and visiting knights, and plainly adorned, simple worship halls. Badges of knights who fell in duty lining the high-ceiling hallways.


Salvation may be found through service. Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster. Strive to maintain law and order. Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation. Stand ever alert against corruption. Strike quickly and forcefully against rot in the hearts of mortals. Bring painful, quick death to traitors. Question unjust laws by suggesting improvement or alternatives, not additional laws. Your fourfold duties are to faith, family, masters, and all good beings of Abios.
The Teachings of Torm


Torm greatly reveres Tyr, seeing him as his spiritual father. He is also an staunch ally of Ilmater.
It was well known that he and The Red Knight are fond of one another, and has of late befriended the Red Knight in an attempt to temper her lust for war with an appreciation for justice. Whether the two are friends or lovers is something the duo has kept to themselves. His kinship for Helm dates back several centuries, though the clergies of the Loyal Fury and the Watcher currently find themselves at odds on several important ideological and political issues.
As a pro-active enemy of evil, Torm finds that his ideals and philosophies often square with those of Lathander, whom he greatly respects. Torm also works with Mystra and Mask to dethrone Bane, though he finds the alliance with Mask distasteful and hopes to force the Lord of Shadows to reform himself by thwarting his plans as often as possible.
Torm is also a comrade of the dragon god Bahamut, who is also a servant deity to him, much like a knight. Both gods have battled side-by-side against evil gods and devils on many occasions.
Torm has many enemies amongst the foul deities, chief among them Bane and Shar. He holds special enmity for Cyric, who wishes to do harm to Tyr.

The Triad

Torm is one of the three deities of similar interests known as The Triad, along with Ilmater and Tyr. It is often said by common-folk that Torm is the weakest of the three in his subservient role, but the role he plays is of true importance: he acts as the nexus that holds the three together. Torm tempers Tyr's zeal for justice with his gifts of mercy and humility.
The deities of The Triad, with Ilmater leaning on Tyr and Torm leading the way.
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The True
  • The True Deity
  • The Loyal Fury
  • The Hand of Righteousness
White right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward
Lawful Good
Duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins
Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength, War
Favored Weapon
“Duty’s Bond” (greatsword)
Cleric Alignments
Paladins, heroes, good fighters and warriors, guardians, knights, loyal courtiers

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