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Shieldmeet, also known as Cinnaelos'Cor, "the Day of Corellon's Peace" in elvish, marks a special day among many inhabitants on the continent of Abios for a variety of reasons -- most notably religious in nature. Celebrated across the good kingdoms of Abios on the 31st of Vlaihr, the festival includes fairs, bazaars, musical and theatrical performances, and tournaments of skill and magical ability. Nobles usually hold court to hear the petitions of their people and to make or renew trade pacts, alliances, and agreements. Various religious organizations also consider Shieldmeet as one of their holy days, and celebrate the day with ornate ceremonies dedicated to their chosen deity.
Depending where one might find themselves during Shieldmeet greatly determines the type and variety of celebrations to be found. While this article could not possible cover the vast number of specific ways in which every city celebrates Sheildmeet, it will attempt to inform how four major cities in northern Abios celebrates this joyous day.

Sestatrea - Kingdom of Laskea

The most prominent way the Capital City of Sestatrea celebrates Shieldmeet is by hosting a jousting tournament known as the Shieldmeet Tourney in which any able to provide the entry fee of 100 gp can enter. Multiple jousting venues are constructed and are located on the outskirts of the southern gate near James' Gate Brewery, and within the shadow of the Temple of Torm's Coming. Participants spend the day competing against one another until the last contestant standing is named champion, earning the prize of 5,000 gp and a statue dedicated to them to be placed in Torm's Temple. The Shieldmeet of 2271 saw over 100 participants, most hailing from Estrya, Geriland, Laskea, and Thiyn Glos.
While the Shieldmeet Tourney is considered the venue to watch, the one attraction that the locals eagerly await is the Brewing Competition sponsored by the prominent Sestatrean James' Gate Brewery, creators of the popular Browncoal Stout and the subject of national pride. As one exits the southern gate enroute to the Shieldmeet Tourney, rows upon rows of booths and stands line the street and field where want-to-be professional brewers showcase their master creations. Representatives from James' Gate Brewery often walk among the populace sampling the vast selection of beer, stouts and ales in hopes of finding their next product. While their entries are judged among a panel of prominent Dwarf, Gnome, and Human nobles or city officials, there is no monetary prize to be awarded. The prize for being selected the best novice brewer of Sestatrea is mostly bragging rights, but one that is deeply cherished by those participating. The winners are typically approached by members of the James' Gate Brewery and offered positions within their company. Aside from seeking a place among the top three novice brewers of Sestatrea, most hope to sell their products at the festival as a way of earning additional income to support their hobby, and possibly making it their primary source of earning income.
The followers of Torm celebrate Shieldmeet very seriously as a time of agreements, compacts, and oaths. Followers gather at first light within the Temple of Torm's Coming, and then proceed as a procession, led by Barriltar Bhandraddon, marching from the Temple in a show of force to the Shieldmeet Tourney with the intention of impressing upon the population of the city the resolve of Torm's protection and guidance. While at the Tourney, Barriltar meets with envoys and representatives from other nations and interest groups to enter into and renew contracts and compacts designed to both spread Torm's influence and bring much needed coin-flow into their coffers. It is also at this time that initiates to the Church of Torm and to the Order of the Golden Lion take their oaths of allegiance and fealty. With the entirety of their order assembled to hail the new initiates, it is an awe-inspiring ceremony if given the chance to witness. The ceremony is said to be purposefully moving in order to entice others into following Torm's guidance by showing strength in numbers and a sense of camaraderie among their brethren. To many lost souls of Sestatrea, the Church of Torm has helped them find purpose and given them a sense of family.

Sile Allanar - Kingdom of Acilidan

To the elves of Acilidan, Shieldmeet is known as Cinnaelos'Cor (Day of Corellons peace). It is a time of celebration among the elven people as a way of giving thanks to Corellon Larethian and all of the Seldarine for the creation and protection of their kind. It is also a time of celebrating the The melding of the Three, the tripartite aspects of Angharradh (Sehanine Moonbow, Aerdrie Faenya and Hanali Celanil) and the unification of the Three that have led to centuries of peace in Arvandor and elven realms in Abios. In addition to singing great hymns to the Triune Goddess, Angharradh's faithful often assemble to invoke great feats of cooperative magic on this day. This also marks the end of an aeloulaev ("when peaces meets", a collective term for a period of a peaceful year and the beginning of a new one in the elven calendar). It is also this time that honor is paid to the goddess Selûne (being that Sehanine Moonbow is the fey aspect of Selûne). The Conjuring of the Second Moon is conducted at every temple of Selûne in which the clergy chant in coordination and the confluence of their devotional energy summons the Shards, a cadre of white-haired female planetar servants of the goddess to do the bidding of Selûne's terrestrial clergy for a single night. The Shards would do as the clergy bade them, most often to combat the minions and dark forces of Shar. However, at dawn the next day, the Shards elevate one mortal priestess to their ranks, before they depart for the planes.

Alyha Elunore - Kingdom of Tharethiel

In the wood elf capital city of Alyha Elunore, Shieldmeet is also known as Cinnaelos'Cor (Day of Corellons peace), in which the followers of Solonor Thelandira assemble to compete in great archery meets. Participants flock to the fair elven city from the various settlements throughout the Great Elven Forest of Syaenahona in hopes of testing their ability in archery and gaining the favor of their patron deity. All are allowed to participate regardless of social status or martial ability, and those wishing to enter without proper equipment are outfitted with a proper bow and quiver of arrows. The participants must endure three tests, the first being to track, find, and successfully subdue a chosen beast within the forest. The second is to hit multiple moving targets from a position taken in the boughs of trees. The third is an accuracy test where each participant lines up and fires upon a target which is judged on how close to the bulls-eye one can get. The winner of such contests are said to receive Keen-Eye’s blessing and are offered a position within the prestigious Hawkeyes, considered the elite of elven archers tasked with the responsibility of protecting their woodland kingdom against drow and orc raiders.

Breghdel - City States of Estrya

In the frontier city of Breghdel, Shieldmeet is celebrated by the Clergy of Kelemvor as a time to tell the Deeds of the Dead so that the living never forget the importance of their ancestors. Kelemvorites erect several tents with the mindset of making the experience as personable and private as possible for visiting individuals. During the ceremony, individuals are able to communicate briefly with their ancestors, and it is considered a moving and personal experience that brings pride and meaning to one's ancestry. While macabre in nature, it is widely viewed as a positive and cathartic experience for many. This only increases the worship of Kelemvor and instills the belief that death is merely a natural progression of one's soul and not to be feared.
Apart from the religious significance of Shieldmeet, the local populace have established a tradition that has become known throughout the northlands as Shieldmeat -- the famous hunting and cooking competition of Breghdel. Each participant can enter as long as they provide the 10gp entry fee. This competition starts at daybreak with participants being required to track, hunt, kill, and clean their prey. They must then cook their prey to the best of their ability, invoking all manner of culinary expertise to supply the most mouth-watering spread to be enjoyed by everyone. The entries are judged by a mix of elected officials and local food enthusiasts. The winner is granted the title of Frontier Chef Extraordinaire (bragging rights only), and given a gold-gilded serving platter to be displayed on one's mantle. Participants are given a cloak with the motto "I survived Shield Meat" and the year embroidered with golden thread. The tasting of the participant's entries are enjoyed by everyone wishing to attend under several large canvas tents in which rows of tables have been assembled and the meal is free for all (drinks not included).

In Summary

Regardless of where one might find themselves on the honored day of Shieldmeet, one can expect to encounter a festive environment filled with joy and merriment -- unless you're unfortunate to find yourself part of the tyrant kingdoms of the Emerald Basin, in which case you'd be best served to keep the celebration of Shieldmeet to yourself.

Celtic Knot

Events normally held (to a varying degree) in every city during Shieldmeet:
  • Wrestling (grappling).
  • Archery.
  • Mounted archery.
  • Climbing.
  • Boxing.
  • Obstacle course.
  • Grande Melee.
  • Horse racing.
  • Arm wrestling.
  • Jousting.
  • Pie eating contest.
  • Brewing contest.
  • Drinking contest.
  • Arena matches of summoned creature vs summoned creature.

Browncoal Stout

A new stout produced by James' Gate Brewery in Sestatrea, called Browncoal (pronounced BROWN-cull), is becoming popular and sought out within the northern kingdoms. Browncoal is a Laskean dry stout that originated in the brewery of Erdom Brown in 2198 at James' Gate Brewery in Sestatrea. Browncoal features a burnt flavor that is derived from malted barley and roasted unmalted barley. For many years leading up to its naming, a portion of aged brew was blended with freshly brewed beer to give a sharp lactic acid flavor. The draught beer's thick, creamy head comes from a release of the gases formed during the fermentation process. It is popular with the Laskeans, as well as commonfolk abroad.

Browncoal Stout

Gates of the Moon

The Shards of Selûne guard her home of the Gates of the Moon on the plane of Arvandor. It is a misty realm where the ever-present moon waxes and wanes, causing regular tides in the sea surrounding Selûne's palatial hall called Argentil as well as shifts in the personality of the inhabitants. The brighter the moon, the more happy, friendly, and stable are the natives. As the moonlight fades, the locals become sullen, withdrawn, and even angry or hopeless.

The Hawkeyes

The Hawkeyes are considered the elite of elven archers. Trained since they were old enough to hold a bow, these elves of Alyha Elunore are tasked with the responsibility of protecting their woodland kingdom of Tharethiel against Drow and Orc raiders.


Kelemvor’s clerics make every attempt to minister to the common people, to demystify the process of death and help the bereaved cope in times of loss. Most folk welcome the appearance of clerics of Kelemvor, thankful for their light touch and calming demeanors -- a welcome change from the days when unsettling clerics of Myrkul demanded funerary fees that seemed all too close to extortion. Children (particularly those growing up near evil kingdoms) hold militant clerics and paladins of Kelemvor in awe as undead hunters, and communities beset by the attentions of necromancers or tomb robbers often come to his clergy for aid.


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