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Order of the Golden Lion

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The Order of the Golden Lion is a Holy Order consisting of various classes of Warriors that serve the Church of Torm. Their primary duty is to guard the Temple of Torm's Coming in Sestatrea and be true to the Penance of Duty which is a guide of responsibilities and obligations outlined by the Loyal Fury himself after discovering the rife corruption within the church when his avatar walked among them. To repay their persecution of other goodly religions, the clergy must aid the establishment of other good faiths as part of the Debt of Persecution. Their secondary mission is to protect the Temples dedicated to Torm within the Kingdom of Laskea, and seek to spread Torm's influence throughout Abios while also preventing agents of the Order of the Black Hand from furthering their agenda.
Due to recent events involving the assassination of many Golden Lion leaders and members, the current number of the Order is quite small as they desperately seek to bolster their ranks with able-bodied warriors. The leader of the order, Jonde Garethian, currently wanders the continent of Abios seeking heroes worthy of Torm.


Members of the Order, known as Golden Lions, are required to carry out activities that help fulfill the three parts of the Penance of Duty.
The Debt of Persecution involves aiding other goodly faiths. Most members of the Order guard the temples of many peaceful or goodly deities that would otherwise be unprotected, and even help reconstruct them. Some journey on quests to retrieve the lost relics of these faiths.
The Debt of Dereliction involves expending every resource possible to eliminate cults of Bane, Cyric, as well as the Zhentarim. Golden Lions fight to destroy strongholds of Banite or Cyricist faiths.
The Debt of Destruction involves locating and reporting areas of dead magic and wild magic, and repairing the Weave in these places.
Typically, once a month, a Golden Lion is required to carry out a quest or spend a day serving a good temple of another faith. They are to obey the orders of the other temple as if they came from a Tormtar temple, provided it is not in direct conflict with their ideology or obviously lethal. The other faiths do not, as a rule, ask for anything that a Golden Lion would find objectionable, that goes against the Penance of Duty, or that they didn't expect of their own champions.
Knights of the Order can not progress or advance without working towards fulfilling the Penance of Duty in some way. Any paladin of the order who fails to follow the Penance of Duty both in its letter and in its spirit risks losing their divine blessings. They can only atone for this by completing a difficult quest in line with the Penance of Duty.

Current Notable Members

  • Jonde Garethian - The Leader of the Order of the Golden Lion, nicknamed Lord Garethian the Infallable (a humble man whose title is more an exercise in ironic self-deprecation than braggadocio). He currently adventures throughout Abios seeking adventurers and warriors good of heart to serve within the Order. He has been absent from his base of Sestatrea for over two months.
  • Stordon Stilldream - A male Human Paladin who is one of the oldest members of the Order, this Knight spends the majority of his time standing guard at the entrance of the Court of Righteousness -- the High Court of Justice for the Kingdom of Laskea, and the altar to which the Clergy of Torm pay homage to their deity. He is never seen without being donned in full armor, his method of preserving some level of anonymity.
  • Onthar Frume - A male Dward Paladin who has dedicated his life in service to Torm. A jovial man who also serves as the head trainer for new recruits into the Church of Torm.
  • Delhana Halyrora - A female Half-Elf who serves as the order's messenger, deliverywoman, and scribe. Being the youngest member of the Order, she works diligently to earn respect within the Order. Known to always have a smile on her face, she is a familiar face to travelers along the roads of Sestatrea.
  • Neyola Veldoris - A female Tiefling who once served with the Knights of Ilmater and was captured by the Order of the Black Hand. She managed to escape, but was unable to locate her brethren-in-arms and fled north seeking out the Church of Torm. She has been with the order for nearly two years working as a researching and envoy to the other good clergy of the north.
  • Cefri Zendroft - A female Human Sorceress who devoted her life to serving both Torm and Mystra. Incredibly smart and gifted in the schools of magic, she works to help the order with subjects pertaining to the Arcane, while also seeking to use her abilities to bring about justice for all.
  • Frig Rhaegnhal - A female Human Barbarian that traveled to Sestatrea from Skalafell in Territory of Geriland after a Penance of Duty visit from Lord Garethian to her kingdom. She was so impressed by him that she journeyed to Sestatrea and joined the Order as a way to pay homage to both Tyr and Torm. A bit rough around the edges, she is nonetheless honorable and quite deadly.
  • Ivoire de Montauban - A female Human Fighter who escaped from the Dominion of Xeshana on a ship called the Anellas a year and a half ago. She has single-handedly done more to promote the Order in Laskea than all other members combined. She is seen as a heroine to the people of Laskea, and is celebrated as such whenever she enters any town within the kingdom. Extremely noble and good-hearted, she is a blessing to the clergy of Torm.
  • Novi Autumnblaze - A female Human Cleric devoted to the service of Bahamut, but also seeks to serve Torm. Having recently joined the order, she strives to teach the denizens of Laskea and Abios of the righteousness of Bahamut, and how both Bahamut and Torm serve the same ends. She is seen among the Paladins of the Golden Lions as a staunch ally, and treat her as one of their own.

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Golden Lions
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