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Ilmater (pronounced "Ihl-MAY-ter" or "ill-may-ter"), also known as Ayuruk to the Verchein Tieflings, is an intermediate deity with the portfolios of endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, and suffering. He is the god of those who suffer, the oppressed, and the persecuted, who offers them relief and support, encourages them to endure, and who encourages others to help them, to take their burdens or take their places. He is called the Crying God, the Broken God, the Lord on the Rack, and the One Who Endures.


In avatar form, Ilmater appears as a short man with a burly build and wearing only a breechcloth, with a plain but kind and comforting face, balding head, and a hairy body. But this body bares the marks of mutilation and torture on the rack, covered with open cuts, closed scars, burns, and a range of other wounds. Ilmater's joints are broken, his limbs are ravaged, and his hands are smashed yet still functional. Moving causes him a great deal of pain as he drags himself around. No matter how much his avatar healed, it still shows these terrible wounds.


Ilmater is the incarnation of compassion, and the eternal foe of suffering. He seeks to offer aid and relief and words of comfort to those in pain, who are oppressed, or otherwise in great need. He encourages them to endure their pain, suffering, and abuse, for good things come to those who wait. He encourages his faithful to halt and relieve the suffering of others, and to take it on themselves if they must. Ilmater is himself a willing sufferer, taking one's place to bear their burden, seeking to endure any pain if it would lessen the pain of another.
He is quiet, generous, good-spirited, and even-tempered, with a kind and gentle nature. Ilmater does not anger quickly, but when he does, he is fearsome in his wrath. He is greatly angered by extreme cruelty and atrocities, and at those who inflict such suffering. He is particularly enraged by those who harm or abuse children and other young creatures. At such times, he sets aside his doctrine of endurance and non-violence, and unleashes his full force to put an end to cruelty. Although his ravaged appearance or his righteous rage could scare children, Ilmater takes great care to reassure them and protect them. He treasures all children and young creatures in general.
Ilmater is the most forgiving of beings; it is thought he can even forgive Loviatar, Maiden of Pain, if she repents of her cruel deeds. Though he knows full well the atrocious and horrific acts that wicked creatures can do, he remains forever hopeful that evil beings can one day be turned to good, or destroyed, and so he stays firm in his goals.
He has a good if rather rustic sense of humor, and likes to hear funny stories.


When manifested as an avatar, Ilmater can cast a wide variety of magic spells, and is strongest with healing magic and beneficial necromancy. Only rarely does he cast a spell that injures another, unless he does so in anger and retribution for a cruel or sadistic deed performed by the target, or to protect another from harm.
He fights unarmed, opened handed or with his fists, and is a supreme martial artist. However, he usually chooses not to defend himself, instead simply taking and absorbing the damage, and his avatar is extremely hard to destroy. As with his spells, Ilmater only attacks in retribution or protection, or to deflect missiles or destroy items. He also uses nonlethal methods to disable his powerful foes. His unarmed strike counts as a +5 keen lawful vorpal weapon.
Alternatively, he can possess any good and innocent creature that was being tortured, provided that the torture contravenes local laws. This creature glows white, all pain is relieved, and any wounds are regenerated immediately. Torture or restraining devices are immediately destroyed, releasing the sufferer, alert and healthy. In the case of extreme torture or associated murder, Ilmater grants the possessed being the ability to cast destructive spells, such as flame strike, lightning bolt or chain lightning, meteor swarm, sink, or imprisonment for a short time in retribution.
When not appearing via his avatar or through possession, Ilmater manifests as an unseen presence that makes a howling or whimpering sound yet feels watchful. In this form, he can speak, move objects around by telekinesis, or cast spells.
To act in his place, Ilmater can send devas, einheriar spirits of slain martyrs, hollyphants, incarnates of courage, planetars, solars, and some beings that remain unidentified. To indicate or suggest his presence or awareness, to show his favor, and to give his faithful encouragement, Ilmater can create daisies and white roses, or send white donkeys, white doves, field mice, or sparrows. A minor manifestation to show favor is in the colors gray and red.
Finally, Ilmater can sense any kind of suffering the moment it takes place, anywhere in the world. He also knows whenever a person sacrifices themselves for another being. He can also instantly create any magical item that can heal or reduce suffering, or is good or lawful in nature.


The ranks of Ilmater's closest allies include Tyr the Maimed God, god of justice, and Torm the True, god of loyalty and duty. Collectively, these deities form the Triad, an alliance of lawful good deities that are stronger as a united force than individually. In fact, Ilmater can often be found traveling with Tyr, assisting him and teaching him to live without his sight and to rely upon his feelings instead. Ilmater shows Tyr that true justice requires a judge to know how much punishment was sufficient, whether it was too harsh or whether mercy was better. Ilmater also has an excellent relationship with Torm.
Another of Ilmater's allies is Lathander the Morninglord, god of renewal and vitality.
Ilmater stands against those gods and goddesses who enjoy causing destruction and spreading pain and suffering for others. In particular, considering their contrasting portfolios, the Crying God and his followers are a bane to Loviatar, the Maiden of Pain, and her worshipers. Loviatar in turn hates Ilmater with a passion, as he protects her victims from her torments. Ilmater also opposes Talona, Mistress of Disease. Among his other foes are Bane, Garagos, and Shar.


Those who are oppressed, sick, lame, or poor are likely to be worshipers of Ilmater, and people who have been injured or are otherwise suffering will often call upon him for aid. His faith is popular among the poor in big cities, and with serfs and slaves, as well as merchants, thieves, and a few guards. Although people of any alignment can worship Ilmater, he is largely followed by folk of a lawful and good bent, especially among his own clergy. The Tieflings of the Refugee Clans of Verchei in northern Abios are faithful worshipers
Ilmater's clergy consists of clerics, paladins, and monks. They are organized into the Church of Ilmater, with an affiliated knightly order.
Attending clerics during a battle are recognized by the coarse furred shirts they wear. It is considered a great wrong to harm these priests as they help ease suffering. Even orcs and goblins hold them in esteem for ministering to their fallen people and not just the civilized races of Abios.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Crying God
  • The Broken God
  • He Who Endures
  • The Lord on the Rack
Pair of white hands bound at the wrist with a red cord
Lawful Good
Endurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseverance
Good, Healing, Law, Strength, Suffering
House of the Triad - Celestia
Favored Weapon
An open hand (unarmed strike)
Cleric Alignments
The lame, the oppressed, the poor, monks, paladins, serfs, slaves

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