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Temple of Valkur

The Temple of Valkur is marked by tall ironwood columns reminiscent of a ship’s masts and is festooned with vibrantly hued sails that flutter and flap night and day in an endless rustle or booming cacophony. The railing lining the stairs leading up to the main doors are encrusted with salt and grime. A symbol of dark clouds with three lightning bolts striking from them are painted on the doors, indicating Valkur is the deity of worship.
The interior is reminiscent of being back aboard the Anellas and below decks. Timber beams and rafters line the walls and ceilings with view-ports existing where windows would normally be. Large crates of cargo and casks of unknown liquids are stored along the walls, and hammocks lie empty in scattered locations throughout.
A Priest and an Acolyte of Valkur occupy the temple. Athyen Eddyns is a mousy individual that acts rather nervously around the party, while the Priest named Vyncis Marte is very much a kindly clergyman interested in all who enters his temple.

Temple / Church
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