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Behind the Shipwright lies the Hirane Warehouse, a large barn-like structure made of wooden planks and wood slats for the roof. No windows are present on the building. Two large barn doors on the southern-end of the building allow for the transport of large containers, while a smaller door on the northern end of the building allows for workers to enter and exit.
Inside the building are several large wooden crates and barrels, sacks of foodstuff, chests, and shelving with smaller implements placed upon them. Near the northern corner is a table with three wooden chairs typically occupied by dockworkers, stevedores, or the dock foremen. Ladders are located throughout that lead up to small lofts containing cargo and crates. The roof of the building is held up by several large round wooden columns.

Items in the Warehouse

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If the characters search the contents of the warehouse, they will find various pieces of expensive art, dinnerware, ornamental weapons, 4 barrels of Browncoal Stout, 122 lbs of Hops, 200 lbs of Barley, and the following alchemy ingrediants:
  • 37 vials of Midnight Tears (Silver Raven Blend) poison hidden under a false floor section
  • Warehouse Layout

    Warehouse Layout
    Hirane Warehouse by SirElghinn
    Warehouse, Massive / Storage complex
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