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Town Guard

Just north of the Grinning Kobold Inn lies the Hirane Town Guard barracks. The two-story building is constructed of stone blocks on the ground floor, and timber with plaster walls on the second floor, and a wooden slat roof. The ground floor has no windows while a few smaller windows line the upper floor. The familiar emblem of the Kingdom of Laskea is displayed on a shield on the wall next to the entrance.
The ground floor consists of a small lobby where Berny Page, the Captain of the Town Guard sits behind his desk ready to greet citizens as they enter. Across from him is a room lined with benches and cabinets which store the guard's equipment. The back wall has a door which leads into a room constructed of thick wooden walls occupied only with a table and two chairs. Beside Berny's desk is a small hallway that leads to a stairwell that goes to the second level which has several bunks used by the guards themselves.

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