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House Caldel

Lord Caldel's residence is House Caldel, a rather ostentatious one-story manor built of stone opposite the Temple of Valkur facing the Town Square. His manor also acts as the hamlet's Town Hall with a detachment of the Hirane Town Guard on the residence at all times.
The residence is surrounded by a low stone wall with an iron fence with pointed tips. The front gate remains unlocked and opens to the town square, allowing visitors to approach the rather large, twin stained oak doors. The words House Caldel are carved in the wood beam above the door, and large iron knockers adorn the two doors. The front yard is bare low-cut grass with no decoration or flowerbeds with a small stone path leading up to the front doors, and sheer curtains decorate the numerous lower level windows which overlook the front.

House Layout

House Caldel by SirElghinn
  1. Kitchen
  2. Pantry
  3. Washroom
  4. Dining Room
  5. Administrative Office
  6. Secret Door
  7. Secret Passageway
  8. Lord Caldel's Office
  9. Private Bathroom
  10. Master Bedroom
  11. Guest Bedroom
  12. Lobby / Waiting Area
Mansion / Villa
Parent Location

Cover image: Port Poor by Monika Zawistowska


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