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Beggar's Alley

To the east of the Town Square just south of Rilanor's House is an alleyway that has come to be known as Beggar's Alley. There are no beggars in Hirane per se, until just recently. A Tiefling woman has been seen skulking about town after having been removed from a passing trade ship. The Town Guard, Dockworkers and the Dock Foremen have all claimed she is nothing but trouble and should be avoided. Unfortunately most of the Hirane townsfolk know very little of Tieflings and view her with suspicion. Berny Page has made attempts at engaging the woman in conversation to learn more, but she flees the moment he comes near. No one has been able to approach her to learn any information, but witnesses have seen her scavenging around town. It is known that she tends to hide within the alleyway, hence the unflattering name for it.
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Cover image: Port Poor by Monika Zawistowska


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