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Berny Page

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Berny Page is the Captain of the Town Guard in Hirane. He was appointed to the post by King Alwyn Nede to assist Lord Andel Caldel in maintaining the peace. While Berny does serve under Lord Caldel's direct authority, Berny's ultimate responsibility is to the Kingdom of Laskea.
Berny comes across as a man's man. He's a human in his mid-40's, with short black hair touched with gray, dark amber eyes, with a short trimmed beard. He wears scale mail armor and carries a greatsword strapped to his back. Above his desk is a steel heater shield with the emblem of a gold lion's head against an azure background. He's stoic, reserved, and comes across as a man who has genuine interest in providing peace and security to the population of Hirane.


Berny Page was a Fighter devoted to Torm and was a member of the Order of the Golden Lion. He led a group of Paladins dedicated to the Debt of Persecution that worked with followers of Tyr and Helm fighting injustice in the Northlands of Fjoll. They came upon a small band of men camped along the base of the Sammaria Mountains. The crusading group questioned the small group of men as to their business, and while seemingly being innocent of any wrongdoing, Berny was suspicious that the men were working for the Cult of the Dragon. Berny insisted that the men's belongings be searched. When the men protested, Berny lashed out, accusing the men of treachery and was intent on taking the men back with them to Shadehaven for a trial. The men refused, and moved to defend themselves. Berny led his men in to attack the small band of men, and after the dust settled, his group of Paladins had slain every member, much to the horror of the witnessing followers of Tyr and Helm. Berny Page was sent back to the Temple of Torm's Coming, and while Jonde Garethian and Barriltar Bhandraddon supported him, the jury of his trial deemed him incapable of following Torm's teachings. Only through the pleas of the High Cleric and Pontiff of Torm did Berny earn the privilege of 'retiring' from the Order of the Golden Lion rather than being removed in disgrace.
Berny, still wanting to serve his country and follow the teachings of Torm, volunteered to serve as Captain of the Town Guard of Hirane, where he believed he could live his life in relative peace.


Berny Page

Infatuation (Important)

Towards Edraele Trisyra



Edraele Trisyra

Infatuation (Important)

Towards Berny Page




When Edraele Trisyra arrived in Hirane during the spring of 2272, she was immediately introduced to Berny Page, and it was love at first sight. He presented himself as a noble Captain of the Town Guard, and pledged to protect her and serve as her sword and shield for the betterment of Hirane, and Laskea as a whole. Berny was also immediately taken by her beauty and grace, and found himself suddenly finding reasons to report to House Caldel in order to give her daily briefings. His intentions were quite obvious to Edraele, even though he always remained a gentleman and kept a respectable distance.

Nicknames & Petnames

Berny affectionately calls Edraele Ellie, though when feeling romantic will call her his Radiance. She only calls him My Captain, and uses the term freely when conducting official business. It is typically said in a tone that, to a common observer, one wouldn't think twice about it as it would seem reasonable that as the adviser and councilor of Hirane, Berny certainly is Her Captain. However, it is understood between the two that she is calling him her champion, her protector, and her love. Berny beams with pride every time he hears those words.

Relationship Reasoning

At their core, both Berny and Edraele share the same desire for wanting to make a positive change in people's lives, and using their position to promote and advance justice for the common folk. Both are noble, compassionate, and caring while also sharing a love for the small hamlet of Hirane. They often spend time discussing their ideas of how to make Hirane a better place -- from changes in the logistics of the town to make the food supply less susceptible to running dangerously low, down to possibly planting flowerbeds in certain locations to make the hamlet more aesthetically appealing.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Berny is fascinated by elvish culture and surprisingly appreciates the beauty of it, while Edraele is inspired by his love of Laskea and has an affinity for his dedication to duty for the kingdom he holds so dear.

Shared Secrets

Both her and Berny agreed not to do anything to jeopardize her position, and have ended their courtship -- at least at face value. Being considered now a forbidden love, their infatuation has only increased. They remain as professional as they can, however they find little ways to show their affection for one another. They often find themselves within the What Ales You tavern where, sitting across the room from one another quietly drinking to themselves, Edraele and Berny chat the evening away via Edraele's Message Cantrip.

Shared Acquaintances

Lord Andel Caldel

Legal Status


Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Town Guard
Year of Birth
2226 46 Years old
Current Residence
Dark Amber
Black touched with gray
6' 1"
205 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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