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Alwyn Nede

King Alwyn Nede is a young man that was crowned reigning monarch following the natural death of his father in 2265. He has ruled the Kingdom of Laskea for the past 7 years and is well though-of by the citizens of his nation, the aristocracy, and neighboring monarchs and leaders. He is currently 34 years old, 6 foot tall with dark short brown hair and eyes. He rules his Kingdom fairly and believes in the precepts of Torm. Despite the fact that the Kingdom of Laskea is considered an Absolute Monarchy, King Alwyn Nede tends to seek counsel from the other nobles of Laskea and conferring with the Clergy of Torm before enacting any Law or Edict. He is served by Morrice Barrett, the Principle Secretary to the King, and Barriltar Bhandraddon, High Priest and Pontiff of Torm. He is married to the Half-Elf Yevidri Aerilaya, who is the half-sister of Matron Cînith Aerilaya, the ruler of the Border Islands of Aennamar.
King Alwyn Nede is known to be a fair and good man with little patience for drama or court intrigue or power-plays. He has no desire for power or prestige, and merely wishes to rule to the best of his ability to ensure the Kingdom of Laskea is safe from outside threats, has bountiful harvests, and is able to support a decent way-of-life for all.


Being only 27 years of age at the time, he was introduced to a young Half-Elf woman named Nilone Beivyre, the daughter of a respected Elven House of Inyhlone. They married in the winter of 2267 after a lengthy courtship that involved both the Kingdom of Laskea and the Kingdom of Acilidan vetting one another to accommodate the lover's wishes of being together. Their honeymoon was cut short, however, when on the 15th of Preeht, 2268, the Kingdoms of Laskea, Acilidan, and Tharethiel declared war on Zhentil Keep and the Zhentarim after Zhentil forces invaded Estrya.
King Nede personally led the Laskeans in concert with Elven forces to drive back the Zhents from Estrya. During the conflict, Queen Nilone Beivyre-Nede would oftentimes visit Alwyn in his war camp to encourage him and to improve the morale of the troops. It is during one of these visits, in the month of Miaxis in 2268, that Queen Beivyre-Nede became pregnant with their first child. She remained in the Capital of Sestatrea until Alwyn's return in Preeht of 2269 after having routed the Zhent forces, causing Zhentil Keep to sue for peace. He returned to Laskea a hero of the people and of his army. However, his return was not so celebratory as he found his wife dying of complications with the pregnancy. Queen Nilone Beivyre-Nede, and the child she was carrying, passed on the 21st of Caiman in 2269, and were both interred at the Sí an Bhrú (Tomb of Kings) in Sestatrea. The funeral featured both rituals and last rights given by the Clergy of Corellon Larethian from the Sanctum of Corellon Larethian and Kelemvor from the Shrine of Passage.
Alwyn fell into despair as his love for Nilone was all-consuming -- she was everything to him. He mourned her loss for nearly two years until he was introduced to Yevidri Aerilaya, who at the time was working in the King's Court as an Ambassador of Goodwill from the Border Islands of Aennamar under the direction of her half-sister, the Matron Cînith Aerilaya. They fell in love and were soon married in the early spring of 2272, with the announcement of Queen Aerilaya-Nede's pregnancy coming shortly thereafter. The citizens of Laskea breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news of a potential heir and are anxious awaiting news of the birth, expected to be either in late autumn or early winter.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • King of Laskea
Year of Birth
2238 34 Years old
Current Residence
Temple of Torm's Coming - Sestatrea
Short, Dark Brown
6' 0"
189 lbs
Aligned Organization

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