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Andel Caldel

Written by SirElghinn

Lord Andel Caldel is the ruling nobleman of the Town of Hirane, granted the right of rule by King Alwyn Nede of Laskea following the sudden death of his older brother due to illness. His ancestors originally founded Hirane in 1931, and a member of House Caldel has always held Lordship ever since. His rule has been considered by most in the town as neither good or bad -- he simply maintains the status quo and keeps law and order, though there have been some grumblings as of late over the recent rise in criminal activity.
It's well-known that Lord Caldel doesn’t care for outsiders -- or change in general. He scoffs at any such notion if asked directly, and often makes a big show of treating guests to the town with dignity and hospitality fitting of a nobleman, but few guests often stay for long. He limits his exposure to the townsfolk by only opening his doors to grant them an audience once a month to voice their concerns, and those audiences are often met with a cavalier attitude. He rarely deals with any issue directly, preferring to leave the daily-doings and administrative duties with his trusted adviser and councilor Edraele Trisyra. It is rumored the Lord is infatuated with her, but Edraele supposedly refuses his advances to avoid any appearance of impropriety due to her position.
Lord Caldel's residence is House Caldel, a rather ostentatious manor built of stone opposite the Temple of Valkur facing the Town Square. His manor also acts as the hamlet's Town Hall with a detachment of the Town Guard on the residence at all times.

Abios Campaign Update

Lord Andel Caldel was killed by Ceona Haloren after Andel attempted to escape Hirane on horseback at the Hirane Stables after slitting Edraele Trisyra's throat coated with the Midnight Tears (Silver Raven Blend) poison. Lord Caldel died on the 9th of Vlaihr, 2272.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Hirane
2211 2272 61 years old
Current Residence
Light brown
Short dark gray
198 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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