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Silver Ravens

The Silver Ravens are an organization formed by Lord Andel Caldel of Hirane after being contacted by Cultists and offered a large amount of money to establish an illicit poison manufactory. With promises of riches and power, Lord Caldel agreed and set about forming the group. He enlisted the help of Rilanor Minun, who then easily recruited Sylrith Madz and Tela Cliffoak to act as Lord Caldel's lieutenants.
The group was given Lord Caldel's ship called the Reliance which was re-purposed for piracy and raiding. Renamed the Waterwitch, the ship is crewed by a skeleton crew of sailors from Hirane, and Captained by Sylrith Madz. The Ravens prey on small merchant vessels en route to Sestatrea. They leave none alive, and sink the ships after plundering. The Silver Ravens then use their ill-gotten goods to make purchases of exotic components specifically needed for the manufacture of the poisons requested by the Cultists. Rilanor is the only one with the recipe for making the poisons, and uses Ennen Kytson to help in the manufacturing because of her knowledge in Herbalism and Alchemy.
The Silver Ravens maintain the front that they use the Waterwitch for trade, and the lieutenants have various jobs within town. From time to time, Cultists arrive mysteriously in town and stay at the The Grinning Kobold Inn. While in town, they visit with Athyen Eddyns who is himself a cult member in disguise as an Acolyte of Valkur. The poisons are given to Athyen to relinquish over to the cultists under the guise of providing ceremonial ointments to be used for religious ceremonies. Athyen is paid, and the money eventually ends up with Lord Caldel, who disseminates it -- a pittance -- among his underlings.
The Silver Ravens started operating at the beginning of the year of 2272 and have kept the population in check by bribing the town guard and intimidating the populace.
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