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Cult of Chaos

Written by SirElghinn

The Queen of Chaos, the obyrith ruler of the 14th layer of the Abyss, has spread her will on the Prime Material Plane. She perverts those with a bent toward Chaos, nudging them to form cults dedicated to being ever vigilant for the Rod of Seven Parts. She looks for those who are broken and beaten down, people who cannot abide Law or order. Renegades and outcasts who she can twist, giving them the gift to find others of like mind.
Once a cult has been cultivated, the Queen typically gifts it's leader with a manifesto, in the form of a demoniac treatise, to spread the cult's message, gathering new followers and creating new cells. The manifesto typically features foul and monstrous rites in the name of Chaos. Such works have found their way into the hands of many powerful Archmages, such as the Path of Discord, the Cacodex, the Ruinous Rubric, and Misrules.
Sometimes, the Queen will even pose as powerful demon and offer the willing a warlock's pact, she especially enjoys this solution for would-be adventurers knowing that their actions inevitably will aid her to free the Wolf-Spider and undo whatever good they might achieve. As much as she enjoys corrupting and destroying mortal lives though, her most important goal is for her cultists, necromancers and warlocks to remain ever vigilant for any clue or Part of the Rod.
The Queen is ancient and she has learned patience, much to the chagrin of her enemies. It is merely a matter of time before one or more of her agents collect the Parts of the Rod for her, and then the Multiverse will tremble at her vengeance.


The Cult of Chaos is a disorganized group with few enclaves scattered throughout Abios. Most cells of this organization are led by a necromancer or warlock of some skill, however due to recent developments and the implementation of the plans of the Anathemian Coherence, certain groups are led by powerful individuals of other faiths such as those worshiping Lolth, Shar, or Velsharoon.
The leaders of these sects, those that are considered true worshipers of the Queen of Chaos, receive instructions of her bidding by randomly flipping through their manifesto and plucking seemingly arbitrary passages from within. Upon reflection, these chaotic passages are interpreted by the leader of the sect, and the group carries out the instructions to the letter. Leaders of other faiths who have been given control of a Chaos Sect are given instructions according to their means of communicating with their deity. The Cult of Chaos members have been instructed to follow the commands of these less-faithful individuals until further notice from the Queen of Chaos. Needless to say, this has caused some animosity among the cultists who -- being chaotic by nature -- have been known to assassinate these faithless leaders at opportune times.


The Cult of Chaos was originally dedicated to sowing discord among civilization, create anarchy, disorganization, confusion, and panic. They seek the downfall of all in the hopes of weakening any defense when the time comes for the Queen of Chaos to conquer Abios, and all of Volstis. However, the Cult has been instructed to scour the Prime Material Plane for the whereabouts of the pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts. Old habits die hard, however, as members of the Cult still attempt to sow discord while faithfully carrying out their investigation.


Leaders of the Cult of Chaos wear whatever they please, however cultists are expected to wear hooded gray robes with a bandoleer of potions and poisons across their chest. These potions and poisons are creations recently given to the Cultists by followers of Talona and are used to either subjugate or kill their enemies. All cultists carry at least one vial of Midnight Tears (Silver Raven Blend) and one vial of the Suggestion's Embrace potion. Members are also instructed to carry Purple Worm Poison to be used to kill one's self in the event capture is imminent.
Religious, Cult

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The Queen of Chaos is the obyrith ruler of the 14th layer of the Abyss known as the Steaming Fens determined to release her lover, Miska the Wolf-Spider from captivity and conquer the multiverse.


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