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Queen of Chaos

The Queen of Chaos is a demon lord of obyrith origins residing on the 14th layer of the Abyss known as the Steaming Fen. She has the upper torso of a corpulent, blue-skinned humanoid female, whereas her lower body is a mass of ten mauve tentacles. Hidden in the tentacles is a razor sharp parrot-like beak. The Queen has long drooping locks of green hair, and she wears a sahuagin skull as a crown. Her weapon of choice is a huge trident.
The Queen of Chaos waits for clues to the whereabouts of the Rod of Seven Parts from her home in the Abyss. Miska, the Wolf-Spider was her consort and general, a master tactician that led his spyder-fiends and the demons that he pressed into her service like a tsunami across the Planes, giving his enemies no quarter. But when the Rod was used to banisher her lover, the Queen, unable to keep her forces united, fled.
Over the eons, she has come to believe that by finding the Rod, she can free her lover from his prison and finish her campaign. To that end, she has spread her will, perverting those with a bent toward Chaos, nudging them to form cults dedicated to being ever vigilant for the Rod. She looks for those who are broken and beaten down, people who cannot abide Law or order. Renegades and outcasts who she can twist, giving them the gift to find others of like mind.
Once a cult has been cultivated, the Queen typically gifts it's leader with a manifesto, in the form of a demoniac treatise, to spread the cult's message, gathering new followers and creating new cells. The manifesto typically features foul and monstrous rites in the name of Chaos. Such works have found their way into the hands of many powerful Archmages, such as the Path of Discord, the Cacodex, the Ruinous Rubric, and Misrules.
Sometimes, the Queen will even pose as powerful demon and offer the willing a warlock's pact, she especially enjoys this solution for would-be adventurers knowing that their actions inevitably will aid her to free the Wolf-Spider and undo whatever good they might achieve. As much as she enjoys corrupting and destroying mortal lives though, her most important goal is for her cultists and warlocks to remain ever vigilant for any clue or Part of the Rod.
The Queen is ancient and she has learned patience, much to the chagrin of her enemies. It is merely a matter of time before one or more of her agents collect the Parts of the Rod for her, and then the Multiverse will tremble at her vengeance.


The rusting iron fortresses of the eldest demons crowd the Plain of Infinite Portals, crumbling testaments to a near-forgotten age. Before the first mortal was born, the obyriths ruled the Abyss, and their political ambitions and plots have seldom extended beyond the plane of their origin. Certain blasphemous texts of incalculable antiquity claim that the obyriths and a proto-race of ancient Baatorians were the spawn of a greater fiendish race called the baernoloths, but this unified creation myth enjoys few proponents outside Gehenna and the Gray Waste of the Fugue Plane.
Today, the obyriths are a defeated force, a dying race shuddering toward extinction. Those who maintain some shred of influence do so by the tacit approval of the tanar’ri (such as Pazuzu and Pale Night) or because they claim extremely remote or inhospitable layers (as in the case of the wretched Obox-ob). Some few obyriths hold out for a return of the Queen of Chaos, but she has not emerged from the Steaming Fen, the 14th layer of the Abyss, since retiring there on the eve of the Upheaval.


As one of the oldest of the obyrith lords, the Queen of Chaos is said to have created Demogorgon as the first of all tanar'ri, then discarded him when he grew too unruly. The Queen was the lover of Miska the Wolf-Spider, and is the mistress of the spyder-fiends. The Queen is at odds with everyone save for Tiamat, who both work towards similar goals, however both would betray one-another if given the chance.


In the Age before Ages, eons before the rise of mortals, the obyriths ruled the Abyss. Of all the beings of creation, they alone possessed the cunning and natural defenses to survive within the harsh, seemingly infinite realm of utter chaos and evil. In those days, when the multiverse was young and the deeper layers of the Abyss still shuddered with the aftershocks of creation, the obyriths clustered upon the uppermost layer, the Plain of Infinite Portals, where they ruled the barren landscape from mighty iron fortresses situated on the rims of great chasms leading to the lower layers. They plumbed those layers carefully, seldom staying long before returning to their citadels to make war with each other or engage in profane surgeries and rites meant to create life in their blasphemous image.
The obyriths’ most numerous creations, the tanar’ri, served in their masters’ armies and at their decadent feasts, but there were other subordinate races as well. The croaking, cackling lords of the iron fortresses required a constant supply of servitor demons to protect themselves and to seize the domains and secrets of the neighboring obyrith. The vast breeding pits of the sibriex obyriths writhed with nascent life, and every generation brought new innovation and depravity.
The squabbling of the obyriths was but a fragment of a much larger narrative, for the era of the Age before Ages was a time of war, where the first conflicts between law and chaos had boiled over from the Inner Planes into the still-forming Outer and the Material Planes.
Key to this primal conflict was a brazen obyrith lord named the Queen of Chaos, who cowed most of her rivals under her banner, driving defiant lords to the lowest depths of the uncharted Abyss. The Queen marshaled even the tanar’ri to her side by elevating her most trusted servitor and consort, the powerful tanar’ri lord Miska the Wolf-Spider, to the rank of “Prince of Demons,” naming him first among his kind in the almighty eyes of the obyriths.
This force in tow, the Queen and her headman took the field on the side of chaos, tipping the conflict against law. The savagery of Miska’s demonic hordes brought huge gains in territory and converts, particularly in the Material Plane. World after world fell under the Queen’s dominion, and with each victory that which was once immutable became fluid; laws of nature became half-forgotten memories from a saner time. Chaos ascended, and the Abyss ascended with it.

The Upheaval

Eons of conflict finally shuddered to a stalemate on the Material Plane world of Oerth, a place rich in magic and untapped possibilities. There, on the Field of Pesh in the shadow of a great volcano called White Plume Mountain, Miska the Wolf-Spider fell in battle to the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, lawful creatures of elemental air. These scions of an ancient empire that spanned worlds employed the Rod of Seven Parts to trap Miska in an extra-dimensional prison on Pandemonium, robbing the Queen of Chaos of her most powerful ally and the guarantor of tanar’ric cooperation. The legend of the defeat and the potent artifact that engendered it spread quickly throughout the Great Wheel, forever changing the nature of the conflict.
Back on the Plain of Infinite Portals, the obyrith alliance fractured, and the Queen herself retreated to the lower depths of the Abyss, seeking refuge in a reeking morass called the Steaming Fen. Sensing weakness, the Queen’s enemies struck out. From the heights of Arborea, Faerie Queen Morwel of the eladrin Court of Stars ordered her ghaele knight legions to launch a devastating raid upon the Plain of Infinite Portals. The obyrith lords struggled to maintain their fortresses against these attacks, but they and their demonic thralls died in their thousands, and not only at the hands of the eladrins. For at this moment, the treacherous tanar’ri exploded in open revolt, overthrowing their masters even as the sky swarmed with flying celestials in gleaming golden armor. The eladrin host cared little of differences between obyrith and tanar’ri, and slew all of them with impunity. Demons of all varieties fled down the numerous pits and into the bowels of the Abyss and an infinity of hostile climes.
Some vanished forever, swallowed by eldritch voids or slain by fellow refugees. Others thrived, managing to bend whole layers of the plane to their wills. The tanar’ri especially excelled in coaxing a sort of symbiotic relationship with the Abyss, and while once Miska the Wolf-Spider had been the sole Prince of Demons, now scores of “evolved” tanar’ri squabbled for the title. By the time the tanar’ri reclaimed the Plain of Infinite Portals and purged the few remaining eladrin wardens, there was no question as to who ruled the Abyss.
Sahuagin skull with numerous tentacles
Chaotic Evil
Steaming Fen, the 14th layer of the Abyss
Favored Weapon
Worshiper Alignments
Sociopaths, Necromancers, Anarchists
Divine Classification

The Steaming Fen

The vast majority of the Steaming Fen is nothing but a boiling, briny ocean never more than half a mile deep, completely still and barren of life but for spyder-fiends or, even more rarely, various spawn of Dagon that can survive the heat. While this sea has no direct connection with the Abyssian Ocean or the River Styx, it does still connect to the Shadowsea along specific winding pathways. Beneath the waters, ancient ruins dating back to before the Upheaval can be found on rare occasion, leading some to theorize that the current nature of the realm was brought about during the rebellion, as a strike against the obyriths. While the occasional mountain does break the surface here and there, the only significant bit of land is Djimadorad, a great 20-mile peak stretching into a violet, sunless sky. Even by the eruption of the War, this mountain had already served for centuries as the castle of the Queen, hundreds of miles of tunnel dug through its mass by tanar'ri servitors; this same castle still stands today, far too massive an edifice for even the full force of the tanar'ri to do any lasting harm to. Here, the Queen of Chaos and her spyder-fiends reside, for the most part heedless of whatever might transpire in her realm so long as it doesn't interfere with her goals.

Miska the Wolf-Spider

Miska the Wolf-Spider, a tanar’ri, is a Demon Lord. The former consort of the Queen of Chaos, he once held the title of Prince of Demons and led all the armies of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss for a time.
Miska is an enormous, armored spider. He has three heads. The central head is human and stunningly handsome; two sleek and terrible wolf heads flank the human one. He has four massive human arms covered with long, stiff hairs. The fur on the wolf heads is rust red, as are the hairs on Miska's arms. His human head has long, flowing hair as black as a moonless night. His spider body is blue-black, like a knife blade discolored by a flame, and marked with bands of gray, silver and blue. His arms are as white as bleached ivory. Miska is seen by the spyder-fiends, a subrace of tanar’ri that take the form of wolf headed spiders, as their god and patron.
In a time ages past, the Queen of Chaos launched a war against the forces of law. By brute force and threats of death and punishment, she bullied the other obyriths to join her. In order to gain the cooperation of the then servitor race of tanar’ri, she took as her lover and head general Miska. The queen then killed the then Prince of Demons Obox-ob to give his title to her new lover.
Under Miska’s command, the forces of chaos were triumphant, taking world after world. They drove back the forces of law, which was led by the Vaati, known as the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. The Wind Dukes eventually fashioned an artifact called the Rod of Law -- known now as the Rod of Seven Parts. On a bloody battlefield on a distant world, the Wind Dukes defeated Miska, imprisoning him in the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium. The rod was shattered into seven parts, effectively bringing the war to a stalemate. The Queen of Chaos to this day looks for a way to free Miska and restart the war.


The spyder-fiends are a hitherto unknown breed of tanar'ri who serve the Queen. The weakest of them are about as smart as a wolf and as large as a pony. The worst of them are geniuses as big as elephants and with a host of magical abilities to soften the opposition before closing in for the kill. The spyder-fiends revere Miska and would like nothing better than to follow him to war once again.
Miska, the Wolf-Spider


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